several LEEP procedures?

Hi, i am only 21, i had a pap and colposcopy a few months ago that showed high grade abnormal changes, after which i had a LEEP. i just had my first follow up pap, and it came back abnormal, low grade. i was under the impression that the LEEP was 90% effective, so this worries me. has anyone had several LEEPs done? even if my dyspasia persists, if i keep having procedures (LEEP, cone biopsy, potential hysterectomy), will this keep cancer away? if one has a hysterectomy and dysplsia occurs elsehwhere after that, what can one do then to prevent it from spreading to cancer? Please let me know if anyone knows the answers to these questions! thank you so much.


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    i am currently getting ready for the hyster after all those wonderful leep specialists recommended a good high fiber diet, fruits and the like to help prevent further displaysia elsewhere. He also suggest vitamin supplements to keep my immune system built up to fight other infections that could cause the cells to become abnormal... he suggest to be extremely careful after use of lakes rivers swimming pools.. to clean very very well as they can set off an infection or bacteria to turn cells very easily..i hope htis helps you!!
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