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Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

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My name is Debbie. I was diagnosed with ACC in March 2003. I had a large portion of my upper palate removed and now wear an obturator. I don't have anyone in my community that has gone thru this. I had 6 weeks of radiation. I just want to meet someone who has this disease and visit. I feel all alone out here.

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Hi Debbie! I am from the thyroid cancer, but I went on reading other topics and came to yours. I know I can't tell you anything of your type but I can tell you that you are not alone if you need a friend I am here to talk with you. All I can tell you is that I have been a cancer patient for almost 16 yrs I am now 34yrs old. So I know what you go through except different treatments. I will have you in my prayers. If you need to talk you can email me at this web page or at

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Hi Debbie,
I was just diagnoised with Adenoid Cystic Carcinomia on April 4, 2005.
Sounds like the surgury they want to preform on me is what you had.
I would love to talk to you. My phone # is 619-224-4406.
I hope you are doing well.

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Hi Debbie, I just found this website- better late than never.I was diagnosed with ACC of the Parotid Gland in Feb. of '04, had surgery and radiation through June of '04. I'd love to chat if you're still looking for company...My name is Ruthie and I'm in NJ, age 48.

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madam ruthie. i also have ACC parotid gland, i was diagnosed last november 2011. im so young and still single.i want to have my family own my own..do you think i would live for 10 yrs more?

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bella 1985,

If you truly want feed back start a new thread with your questions. Often the older threads are by passed by others.



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Bella1985, I agree with Matt. This thread is really old. You can make a new one. I also had an ACC diagnosis. I am 27 years old so I understand the young part.:) there are several of us on this board with this particular diagnosis. You are not alone. Please continue to post and look for encouragement here!

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