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addition - Ever miss a chemo session??

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HIS CHEMO IS EVERY TWO WEEK My dad got operated on in March and his chemo only started in June and just this week he missed his weekly session and now it's postponed until next week. Do you think that the results of the treatment will be different now that he missed a week or is that OK? Did any of you postpone your chemo to a following week in the beginning?

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Hello!! My husband missed some of his sessions. His blood counts weren't good so they made him skip a session. It is never good to have to skip but if his system isn't able to handle the treatment the best thing to do is skip so that he can get his strength back and his counts back up. We just went through this, yesterday ( Wed. ) my husband was dehydrated and his white count and platelets were bad and his blood pressure was low. So they want to postpone until next week but we are going away for a few days to CT. and he will have it the following week. Like I said it is never good to skip but the quality of life is most important. It doesn't do my husband any good to take a treatment when we know he can't handle it as he might end up back in the hospital which we don't want to happen. Don't worry to much. What type of treatment is he on? Hang in there!! Best wishes!!! Sue

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I also had to postpone; not skip a session. This is actually quite common. This is why they always check labs prior to chemo sessions. Don't worry. The total exposure to the chemo should still be the same. As long as the oncologist you are working with is good; trust them.

Hope this is helpful... the entire cancer/treatment environment sucks. jana

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Jana is soooo right-- the cancer/treatments suck! The past 2 months have been a whirlwind for my brother, Dave, who is fighting for his life. Thank God we have this place where we can all communicate and vent!

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I had to postpone my last treatment due to some serious diarrhea problems, and my onc was concerned that I was getting too toxic. He explained that the total number of treatments is what counts, and that skipping an extra week or so between has not been shown to effect outcome. Hang in there, Judy

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