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local support

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A relative was diagnosed this friday with esophagial cancer. I have spent most of the day searching for a local support group. Someone who can talk to her face to face. On top of fridays diagnosis, her son died sunday morning. They don't know yet why. She is extremely upset. I would like her to have someone positive (a survivor) to talk to. Any ideas? She lives in the Orlando area.

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Hi. I suggest that you first check our Cathy's EC Cafe at "www.eccafe.org". In addition to the information there, there is a link to an EC Group with over 1200 members. I do know that there are EC'er in Florida who are online. If you wish to contact me directly please do at "mtnlivin@sti.net". I am a 6 year survivor of stage III EC. Best wishes, Bruce

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Hello melthegypsy, I too would like to suggest Cathy's E/C Cafe as a place to start. This was the first website that I researched from when I was diagnosed 2 years ago and the site that gave me the most comfort when I needed it. My story is published on this site and you can reach it as well at: http://home.earthlink.net/~jcw-ec/jcwstory.html I have had numerous folks emailing and even calling me for advise and just someone to talk to since my story was published on thier site. Please feel free to have your relative contact me as well if they would like to talk - I would love to help if I can. JCW in Littleton, Colorado

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i am a female, 52 years old, and am recovering from esophageal cancer. its been a long, hard road with chemo and surgery, so i understand what she will be facing. if she needs someone to talk to, please have her contact me. marthac

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