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I finished a year of Taxol consolidation chemo just six weeks ago. My Onc called and told me my numbers have gone from 19 up to 48 in that 6 weeks. Waiting on CT scans in a couple of weeks.
Have any of you ever had your numbers double and it WAS NOT the cancer reocurring?

No need to say I am scared out of my wits. Not that it is a surprise with all the grim stats my docs tell me.

Prayers appreciated!

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I was saddened to see this postiing, I was hoping you had beat this. I have no words of wisdom on this topic as you know I am in the same boat as you. But I do offer you daily prayer. I am praying for God to give you comfort and take away your fears. We know that the statistics would have had us all dead by now. I am so happy that you are beating those odds and will continue to beat them. Keep the faith adn know through that faith everything will be alright, no matter what the climbing numbers turn out to be. Rest in God's Peace, Grace and unending Love.

Keep us posted either here or via the listserve. You are a really special person and have been such a support and comfort to me, I only hope I can give a little back.


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I wish I could offer some personal experience, but I cannot. I do want to offer my prayers and thoughts. You're such a strong person and have been an inspiration to many on this site. Continue to rely on your strength and faith and please keep us posted. I will be seeing my doctor soon also. My levels have gone up slowly over the past 6 months. My doctor does not seem concerned, but as you know, we stress out a little when those levels change. So, I'll be thinking of you. Keep in touch.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're have a recurrence. I figured you were having trouble, and will double-up on my prayers for you.

Hopefully, some nice weather and sunshine will help you out - I know you've got gardening to attend to!

You have been a positive influence on my journey. Please keep in touch.

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Hi Gals,

Thanks so much for the kind words and prayers. I go next week for my Ct scans. I will keep you posted.

Sorry for not giving an update on what is going on. I was a little upset but I am dealing OK at present. Could be my mind playing tricks but I seem to be having some odd pains in my right kidney. Hope it is nots mets to the kidney.

Cancer does strange things to our mind set. A little twinge would not have even been given a 2nd thought 19 montha ago. Ahhh, such is life.

Groundeffect, even with this to worry about I have managed to get some container gardening done and I planted some very large Hostas in my shade garden. Much more to do but it is RAINING here again!

Bonnie and Mopar, I feel bad that you are both in the same boat as me. Good thing we are all stuborn! Keep us all posted on how you are doing also.

Bye for now!


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