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for Grandma=Judy

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I am going away for another week so will be out of touch.
Before I leave let it be known our love/prayers and hope are being sent across the pacific to Judy.
You are in our hearts and minds---get well sweetie!!!
We are with you Stacy!!!!!!!!

"semi-colons" and carers; PLEASE send a prayer on this thread!

kanga and Jen

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My prayers and thoughts are with you Judy (Grandma) You will be put on our church prayer list tomorrow for your upcoming surgery.

The "semi-colons" are the greatest and our prayers are the strongest. We will beat this disease!

Blessings to all.


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I have been thinking and praying for her all week. I know surgery was Thursday. Hope and pray everything comes up roses for you Judy. Can't wait until you get back to update us all. You have prayers going heavenward from all over the world and we tend to be a little loud and boisterous, so I am sure that God is listening and pray He smiles down on you tonite and always... God Bless you and everyone that has a need to come to these boards.
Sally Jo

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My Prayers are with Grandma, I hope the Doctors straighten things out and she be back to the boards. Thanks for the update Maureen.

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I have bad news about Judy. Her surgery did not go well. She lost alot of blood and had to get blood transfusions. They were unable to complete her surgery. The doc. had a hard time because he couldn't tell the difference between tumor and scar tissue. They are going to try to take her to surgery again when she stabilizes and hopefully complete the surgery. Continue to pray for Judy. Her daughter emailed me, thats how I received the info.

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Please keep us informed about her condition when you hear anything. I have been praying for her and will continue.

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