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how do i cope

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my husband was diagnosed 2 years ago with colonrectal cancer....since then he has had 2 surgeries and is still going through chemo. His CEA is going up and i am so afraid that his cancer is back again....it scares me to think about loosing him. How can i be strong and scared all at the same time?

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faith is the answer!!!, do not affirm something you don

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have faith instead of fear, take things moment by moment and remember all is as it should be, God knew this before you did and his will be done, this is the time to strenghten your marriage.

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Dear Edeb
I try to be strong and positive in front of my husband, and gently try to soothe his fears, and when he's not around that is when I try to vent my own personal demons....either thru my family, a good cry, a scream or two, and lots of prayers. I think this helps him more than if he sees my fears and doubts. As much as we try to share most things, I know our own trauma is of a different kind. Best of luck and health to you both!

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