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Complete Response to Treatment

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Has anyone ever had a complete response to thier chemo treatment before surgery? CEA 3.0. All CT scans clear. My husband is scheduled for surgery in May and had neoadjuvent therapy (prior to surgery). Is this a good sign? Oncologists and surgeon seem to think so. Wanted to get more opinions. Thank you.

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Have heard from our surgeon and oncologist of cases where chemoradiation followed by surgery has led to them finding no cancer cells at all on histology so the neoadjuvant therapy may kill all tumour. You just don't know until it is out and looked at under the microscope.
Sounds like excellent news though and allvery hopeful- best of luck!

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You bet that is great news. Here is hoping that things will look equally well under the microscope!

Best wishes,


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Sending our best wishes to you and your hubby Kelli---hoping all will be ok with his sugery.
Our luv and huggs to you both--sending a "rainbow" to you--kanga n Jen

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That is wonderful news. And, yes, I have certainly heard of such cases. I'm glad to hear he is having the surgery anyway because, as others have said, my understanding is that you still need the biopsy after surgery to give the 100% all clear. Not to take away from your joyful news - that sounds very positive.

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Kelli, I have first hand experience with a complete response to presurgical chemoradiation, although as some people here have already stated, you can't be sure there was a complete response until after the pathology report. In any event, your news is all good. I am here alive and well more than 5 years after my diagnosis with stage 3 rectal cancer. The prognostic implications of a strong response to presurgical chemoradiation are well documented. It makes sense, the cancer is vulnerable to the attack, and can be decimated more easily afterwards as well. Don't be surprised if they still recommend chmeotherapy after the surgery, even if there are no cancer cells. My oncologist said that was to insure that all cells lurking in other parts of the body got zapped. Your husband will do wonderfully, although the surgery is no picnic. All in all....GREAT NEWS for you!

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I'm so glad to hear of someone who has had a complete response prior to surgery. How are you doing today? You have been clear of cancer for how long?

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I would like to thank all of you for your responses to my post. You are all such an inspiration and you provide me and my husband with much hope. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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