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renal cell cancer/liver tumor

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I now have tumors in my liver. large tumors. where do I go next?

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God Bless You. First of all, Pray, (prayer changes things.) Then go to your PPO so he can advise you . Whoever diagnosed those tumors should have referred you to the next doctor.

My gynecologist found a tumor on my kidney during an MRI. I am 38. She immediately referred me to a urologist. I prayed. Anointed my body with Holy oil. Read the Bible over my body and proclaimed, By His stripes, I am healed." I had a CT Scan on Monday. The entire time the CT SCAN machine was cirling, I was praying! The doctor called on Friday and said, I have good news, No cancer. A kidney cancer specialist at UCLA here is LA told my urologist that the tumor is benign. I am thankful to my Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST! I was so scared and fearful at first But God helped me!

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You need to talk to your urological oncologist immediately(!), and have him/her refer you to an oncologist specializing in the liver. I doubt your urologist will be able to make more than general recommendations for your liver.

Also, some treatments that may be good for the kidneys may not be so great for the liver. You need to find someone with whom your urologist feels easy consulting with.

I don't have any tumors in my liver, but I did have several liver problems while I was being treated for RCC, and I remember the docs taking different treatment approaches because of that.

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