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Kidney damage and other side effects from chemo?

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I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with side effects from chemo...I was overdosed on taxol/carboplatin (weekly for 8 months) and now, even though my CA125 has been in the single digits for about a year, I suffer from kidney damage and also neuropathy-no feeling below the ankles. I have to have ureter stents changed and placed every 3 months and I'm told the neuropathy is permanent. I'm grateful that the CA125 is so low but because of these constant reminders,I feel like I will never quite move on from this experience.

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I'm sorry to hear you are still going through so much. But, like you, I think single digit CA125 readings are a blessing. There are many side effects from the taxol/carbo, but I have not experienced the kidney damage. However, I'm famliar with the the neuropathy. Although it is believed by most doctors that it is irreversible, there are some things that I have done to help improve it: Vitamin B-6 taken daily, 300 mg. I'm also on a resistive training program (helps the neurological system). I definitely have experienced a decrease in symptoms, almost completely. Sometimes damaged nerves CAN heal. But I do remember the burning and pain being so intense it would wake me at night for hours at a time. Walking was difficult, as it affected my feet and ankles. But the worst were my hands and forearms. It was unbearable. Please try the B-6. My neurologist agreed that I was wise to try it (not harmful in doses below 500 mg). I even notice if I don't take it faithfully, some symptoms return. I hope this helps. And I hope that you find the strength to bear this. I will be praying for your recovery and that you may have strength to endure these lingering effects. Please let me know how you are doing. Monika

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You seem knowledgeable about vitamins & such. I am taking B12 shots for a certain type of anemia. Do you know if it might help with the neuropathy? I just finished 18 months of Chemo. Taxol only for the past year. Feet are numb and my ankles really hurt. I hope it helps!

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Thanks for the info and suggestions, everyone. I'm really glad I have somewhere to go to unload about all of this...I have a supportive partner and friends but of course, no one really quite "gets it" the way you guys do.
Next week I am going to have an "experiment" of sorts-I am having the ureter stents removed to see if I can live without them...have to be monitored very closely and there's a chance I will have to have them replaced right away if my BUN and creatinine levels rise. But it has been so hard living with the stents, I decided it's worth a shot and my Dr. agrees, the worst that can happen is that I'll have to have them placed again. I have been practically housebound for such a long time due to the urgency and frequency (every 25 minutes) of urination because of the stents...I am very hopeful that I'll be OK without them. As for the neuropathy, I will try your suggestions:) Thanks again.

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Brooklyn_Girl, how did the "experiment" of having the stents removed go? Mine are such a pain (literally--I'm on fentenyl and Vicoden for it) that I'm willing to experiment too. Please let us know.

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Bless your heart. I experienced neuropathy, I was on Taxol/Carboplatin, but they changed it after complaints of numbing Taxotere and neuperin (sp) shots. I still get numb but it doesnt last so hopefully it will go away. I hope things will get better for you I know what you mean about moving on, I was ready for my last chemo yesterday and my white count was to low so I have to wait another week. God bless you and I hope in time you will heal. Jan Q

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I am so happy the chemo has worked so well on the cancer. I to suffer with the neuropathy side affect. Actually my feet are terrible and my calves, I have it in my fingers a little now. I take L-glutamine and a compound B vitamin, which was recommended by Dr. I walk everyday and yes it makes the pain worse after but I think it keeps the circulation going and sometimes nerves do heal themselves. Sorry again you are a part of this group and have to suffer not just through the disease but with the side effects.


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Susan P
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Hi, My last chemo was Apr 2013 not awaree of kidney damage  still have pretty bad neuropathy  as my gyne/onc sail tacol is a nasty drug - guess it would have to be to kill all those rotten cancer cells.


guess it is something we have to LIVE with.

Best wishes  Susan P  from southern Alberta canada & TX &WY

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