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I have just been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in Situ which is in my cervix. I am 29 and hoped to have more childrem. My doctor says he can do a CONE procedure which may result in needing a hysterectomy. He cant schedule the CONE for a month- is this normal or OK or do i need to find a specialist to do this sooner? and is this a very serious condition or is it a very treatable one?

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Hi dleanne,

I am 30 and was diagnosed with stage 1A1 cervical cancer in Feb. 2004. I had had a colpo and a LEEP which is how they found out about the cancer. Last month I had a laparoscopic radical trachelectomy to remove my cervix but preserve my fertility. Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for the same surgery. Feel free to email me if you need more info or have any questions for me since I've already gone through the LEEP. Is your doctor a primary doctor or a gyn?

All the best!

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I was diagnosed with the same thing in Feb. 2004. A cone biopsy was schedule for a month later. I called my doctor and pleaded to have the biopsy sooner, since I have the AGS, the glandular cells that spread quickly and in an abnormal pattern. A different OBGYN doctor performed the cone 4 days later.I waited for the results to come back. I had invasive cancer cells and needed to go to a women's cancer clinic. My cancer was Stage 1A2 I believe. I was told that I needed to have a radical hysterectomy. I was crushed. I wanted to have another child. My doctor stated that he could try an operation called a radical adbomial trachelectomy. My cervix was removed but since the cancer cells were only found in the one area of the cervix, my uterus remain so I have the opportunity to try to have another child. Talk to your doctor! If he or she has not heard of this operation, SEARCH THE WEB! I am in contact with 2 other women who had the same operation! This operation is new to the USA, but has been around since the early 90's over in Europe. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. agonzale@bloomington.k12.mn.us

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Hello, I was diagnosed on LEEP with adenocarcinoma in situ in February 2004, I am 30, let me know what you find out, then sent me to a Gyne/Oncologist and all he recommended was a repeat PAP in May then go from there, what did they tell you to do? Hysterectomy is last resort according to my specialist at this point. I really don't know much about it, but he seems to suggest treating it conservatively. Any info would be appreciated. :)

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Hi all, I had a LEEP procedure done in January 2004 for mild dyplasia, the results came back that I had adenocarcinoma in situ of the endocervix. I was referred to a gyne/onologist, he suggested a repeat PAP and possible colposcopy in May, is this safe. My regular gyne who referred me to the gyne/oncologist originally scheduled me for simple hysterectomy, but the specialist did not feel I needed such radical surgery, HELP, has anyone else had this type of cancer? THANKS :)

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Stay on top of this. I dont understand why the gyn/ono is doing a colposcopy when you have had a DX of adenocarcinoma of the endocervix. Have you had a ECC done? You said you had a LEEP. Usually a ECC or LEEP is done after a abnormal colposcopy. Colposcopy is done to help determine why there are abnormalities. What type of treatment does the gyn/ono want to do? Remember, since you have a DX involving the endocervix or "inside" only treating the outside will not get everything. Just dont let them under treat.
Take care and God bless.

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Sand Dollar, you sound like you are well educated on cervical cancer. I am newly diagnosed with cervical cancer and it is adenocarcinoma. Cone biopsy shows 6.11 mm x 11mm, therefore I think a stage IB? I am searching for IB, or similar, survivors to tell me about their treatment experience, results, side effects, etc. I am 51, so not worried about having additional children. I am looking for all my treatment options, so your (survivors) experience is critical. My doctor is suggesting a radical and removing everything including some 36 lymph nodes.

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I agree with Sand dollar. If your LEEP results displayed cancer to the edges of the removed specimen, then you definately need to get follow up and probably surgery of some type, whether it's trachelectomy or hysterectomy.
I have the same thing, and my LEEP showed invasive adenocarcinoma to the edges of my removed sample. I had another pathologist verify this.
I feel you concern, and hope you don't let go until you have all the answers you need. Get another opinion!!!
Best of luck to you.

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