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PSA post RP

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Is a PSA of <.04 a sure sign that there has been no recurrance post RP? Currently I have a tender area on my chest, just below the collarbone, and it is slightly raised. In addition I get occasional pain in my pelvic area as well as in my left thigh bone. Given my low PSA on my last test in Jan., do you think I should be concerned? Is it something I should tell my doctor about right away or could it wait until my next appointment in 3 weeks?

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Hello Billy D. I hope my PSA after my RP on Feb. 13, 2004 will be as good as yours. I'm no doctor, but I think that level (0.04) is really good — considering what I have read on the discussion boards about other people and their scores. I'm due for a doc appointment on Friday and I don't know if it has been long enough for a post surgery PSA test. But I am anxious to get my results back.

As for the pain, I have been experiencing pain in my ankles, knees and elbow joints for the past week. I hope it's just a cold virus that I've fighting. Happens mostly in night before bedtime. I'll mentioned my pains to the doctor on Friday.

Good luck with your future health and recovery and God bless.

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Hello Billy,

A reading of

The doctor explained that the lowest reading depends on the lowest figure the test lab is capable of giving. Anything below .09 should be considered very good. As for a positive assurance that the cancer has been eliminated. I have not been told by any doctor that they are absolutely positive the cancer has been eliminated. As survivors we will always have to live with that possibility.


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Hi Billy!!! Jagman and Roger have given you good responses. I have been told that anything below 0.1 is a good reading. Had RP on 7/25/03 and my first psa was 0.14 and my doctor was concerned that I would have to have radiation also but we waited another three months and the next psa went down to 0.04 and he said he felt good that we got it all. But that said, and as Roger said we will always have to be followed up. I know of men that had good psa's for 3 years and then had a recurrence. I am happy that your psa is so low (as well as mine). Keep the faith. God bless. Mike

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Man, I'd boogie to the doc quick. I suppose I'll never understand the relationship between PSA values, the degree of spread, and aggressiveness. There are two PSA scales, the lower intended for reading fractional PSA values. I'm an M.D. Anderson-Houston patient and know of several with PSA values of less than 1, but have soft-tissue metastases. In contrast, my PSA ran all the way up to 142.2...no soft tissue metastases, but had bone mets to the right shoulder, neck, spine, a couple of ribs, and the pelvis. From what I gather, a high Gleason score (measure of aggressiveness) on a biopsie can be a far stronger indicator than PSA values subject to variations for reasons having nothing to do with the presence of cancer.

I'd be safe...you'd prefer to catch a metastases before it invades a vital, soft-tissue organ.

Good Luck,


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