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Blue Star Lapel Colon Cancer Pin

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Hi all, I seen on this site that this is colon cancer awareness month and that the cancer society is supposed to have lapel pins that you can get for a $5.00 donation. I called my local agency and the national one that had their number listed here and they are all out of pins and don't expect to get anymore. Does anyone know anywhere else that I can get one. I really wanted to get about ten so my family could all wear one. Any ideas anyone?? I kinda went off on the cancer society becasue there is always an abundance of breast cancer ribbons(dont get me wrong, my mom had breast cancer, so I support them too) In fact, I support any one going through any type of cancer. I just don't understand why there is not more awareness of colon cancer. Sorry to vent. Love ya all
Judy-who really wants to make people aware of colon cancer screening

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Hi Judy, I know the blue star pins are very new, so I hope it's just a case of needing to get up to speed on production and distribution. I can't believe they are out of them already....maybe a good sign that lots of folks are wearing them.
FYI, for any Sharon Osborne fans, her whole program on Thursday is devoted to colon cancer and getting the word out. We all have work to do...many of my 50+ friends have now scheduled their own colonoscopies after hearing my experience...baseline colonoscopy, 1 small polyp, turns out positive, with 1 positive node found through surgery; hope the colonscopy saved my life. Judy

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Hello Judy, my name is Kate, and I make a small clown pin that has the ribbon color the type of cancer a person has. I call him "Kimmy, the Chemo clown." I would be happy to send you (one at no charge) for colon cancer if you are interested. I just sent several to my mother-in-law in Illinois for her friends who are undergoing chemo for breast and ovarian cancers. Just my way of cheering up a person and bring awareness.

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Kate I am Kelly and my mom was just diagnosed with stage four colorectal signet ring cell cancer she starts treTment Tuesday I would love to buy one of your pins my number is {removed by moderator}

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This post is 12 years old. Kate has not posted on the forum since 2008 and is not likely to see this post. 


Sue - Trubrit

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