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Thank You for the Response to Eloxatin

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Thank you.......Judy, Susan, SpongeBob (love that name), Kris, Pjenks,Carolyn.. all of you for your encouraging words and support. I knew I would feel better when I read these posting. Tomorrow is the scan and we will not hear the results for possibly a week as our onc. is out of town. The waiting will be terrible. Hunt says we will continue to have fun and live during that week of waiting and after the results. Will let you know the results. Praying that it is working. Praying for you and your families. I am so glad I decided to post my fears and my joys here. As I said before, we have been fighting this for one year now (supposely he has 17-21 month to live), which we are not accepting. He is fighting everyday and living each day to its fullest. I have been reading these posting for about 8 months now, and decided to post my story about month ago, I sure am thankful I did. So much encouragement and positive thoughts at this site. Thank you so much, I will post the results of our scan when we receive it. Loving thoughts, prayers, hugs and best wishes. Yvonne

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Glad to hear that you and hunt are still keeping up the fight. Let us know how the test went.

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