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diagnosed this week

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I just had my second excision for stage one melanoma. Both the surgeon and the dermatologist told me it looked to be contained, however the oncologist who reviewed my chest X-ray and blood work told me there was a problem with one test, suggesting severe anemia. He has ordered more blood tests and stool cards. Has anyone else had this experience? Do these go together? Or just coincedence?

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It's probably been a pretty tough week for you, but you're in a good place as far as what stage of melanoma you're in. As far as my experience, when I was diagnosed with melanoma last year all my other tests were fine. But when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago, I was very anemic (sp? -- correct word?) -- I had poor blood! Anyway, my surgery was put off for a month while I took iron to try to get my blood in better shape. In my case, they were worried that I could have other things wrong -- but "they" (doctors) think it was from being a 47 year-old woman going towards menopause and they think I became anemic gruadually over a few years -- I never noticed -- I was too busy raising kids and working! Anyway, I'm fine now. Sometimes they never figure out the cause if you get your blood back into the healthy range and you don't have further trouble. Until they find out more, it's hard to say if it is a coincidence. Sorry this isn't much help to you, but it does help to share your concerns -- your concerns usually don't seem quite as bad when you share them and put them on another's shoulders. Read and learn what you can, you're empowered when you have knowledge. Take care.

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