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Side affects of Whipple Procedure

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A year and a half ago my friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Soon after that she was underwent the Whipple procedure. During the past year she has lost a total of 50 pounds. She has been able to gain 12 pounds of it back. However, the more time that passes the harder it is for her to keep down food, or to even disgest it. The food stays in her stomach, causing her great pain and discomfort. We have tried low fat meals, and pure liquid diets. Nothing has helped. Please, if anyone has gone through this same ordeal write me. My email address is: chuga_chuga@hotmail.com
Thank you so much for your support.

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I also had the whipple procedure last september and when i was released from the hostpital i took a drug called maxaran which supposedly emptied the stomach and reduced nausea. I know there are other drugs available that do this as well. Talk to your Surgeon because Its only been 6 months and I am not having any of theese symptoms that you describe other than I also lost 55 pounds in the last year 20 of that since surgery. It also depends on weather or not your friend has had a portion of the stomach removed and or how much of the pancreas was removed, weather or not the patient is now diabetic,how experienced the surgeon was and on and on. You really need much more detailed information to get a accurate picture of what could be causing the problem. Depending what part of the country you live in, there are many excelent surgeons that could offer a second opinion. I have also been told that through the cancer agency they have dietitions that are trained in dealing with theese complications that a whipple can cause.
Good luck!

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Hi, It was very nice reading that you had no issues after the whipple. Please let us know how you are doing now. Hopefully everything is the same. My mom had a whipple and its been 5 weeks and she still is nauseus so am looking for reassurances.

Thanks a ton.

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My Mom is a newbie. Just had whipple and begining chemo\radiation on Monday. She tried Isotonix, a digestive enzyme, and said the big pain went away. There was still burning though. It's made by Market America.

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We found that "Carnation Instant Breakfast" in the dry powder pouches provided the very same ingrediants and was half the cost of the recommended suppliment. Seemed like I had problems with milk and dairy products and pizza and switched to lactose free products for while. Now I just have to eat sensibly.
bob in nc

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I lost 30 lbs. after my Whipple. I drank liquids all day and had tiny portions of food frequently - I ate 7 times a day.
Yep! The nausia is nasty and meds helped. Time is the best medicine through. It took 2 mos. to shake it.

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Did you have trouble swallowing after about 7-8 days after your Whipple? Or a feeling of liquids and soft jello not going down right?

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I had my Whipple 6 weeks ago today. The Dr pulled the JP drain yesterday and a bunch of funky fluid came spilling out. I came down with a fever last night and it awakened me about 3 AM (1 1/2 hrs ago) with 101 deg F. The drain wasn't completely dry, it was still collecting about 6 ml / day. I guess my body doesn't know how to handle it yet.

As for food, I don't really have much appetite. I force myself to eat, mostly pastas and soups. I did have some Tacos the other night w/o problems.

I've lost 45 lbs since the beginning of the year, 15 since the surgery, 3 in the last week alone.

I thought I would go back to work for a few hours today, but the fever has me gunshy. I will wait another day.

I'm still not able to sleep on my side (preferred) and on my back I really only doze all night. Ambien didn't help at all, it was almost like taking a stimulant.

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