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New to Group!

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Hi, I have been reading this forum for several months and am impressed by the support and positive energy that is displayed here. I was diagnosed with colon cancer, Stage 3, in October 2003. I had a resection and they found 3 out of 31 lymph nodes that were positive. The unusual thing was that the cancer was confined to my polyp. My oncologist told me that this was not the usual order of things. It usually will go to the intestinal wall before going to lymph nodes.

I had no obvious sign of anything being wrong other than continual constipation. My family doctor was unconcerned each year when I would mention this at my annual exam. He reassured me that it was IBS! This year when I mentioned it again, he grabbed his pad to write a prescription that is new for IBS! That was when I put my foot down and demanded an appointment with a specialist. One polyp was found during my colonoscopy. I have recovered from my surgery and am half way through my treatment.... the Folfox regimen. I have few side effects, but I think that by taking Emend prior to receiving Oxaliplatin is very helpful. I am 53 and had just retired from 30 years of teaching elementary school. This has set back my retirement plans a little, but I should finish my chemo by the end of May. I have lost about half of my hair so I choose to wear a wig. I understand that most people do not lose hair with this treatment. I only fill my mind with positive thoughts. I have changed my diet, giving up sugar, and trying to eat anti-cancer foods each day. I think it is imperative that we are our own advocates in treating this disease. I know I would still have my cancerous polyp inside me if I had listened to my former primary care doctor. My oncologist is wonderful and will discuss alternative ideas with me, but he will never suggest anything other than chemicals in my treatment. I am blessed with wonderful insurance. I understand that some do not approve Emend or Kytril, due to their costs.
I also have a cancer insurance policy that pays directly to me, so I am blessed. I see so many patients at my oncology center that not only are struggling with their illness, but they have to worry about their expensive treatments as well.
I had a CAT scan and a PET scan last week, and they both came back clear, so I was so thankful for that. I am a widow, but have a wonderful support group with my friends. I think that attitude, knowledge, faith, and support go a long way on our road to recovery. God bless each and every one of you!


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Welcome to the semi-colons Kay! I am always amazed to hear that someone has been lurking for awhile....I surely could not keep my mouth shut for that long!! lol :-)

Good for you to pursue your health regardless of what your 'former' (loved that one!) physician said. Can you believe that my sister died of intestinal cancer and not one doctor over 13 years never once suggested I get a colonoscopy?? Blows me away! And now here I am.

Thank you for sharing your positive energy with us and adding to this board. You are fortunate to have that cancer insurance however that works...it sounds good. I chose all alternatives (as you most likely have read) and so that means it has come all out of my own pocket. This has put us into deep debt. We are selling our farm and down-sizing (moving into a log cabin that we inherited from FIL) and hubby is getting new job b/c we can't live with this oppressive debt any longer. This is cancer reality. It changes lives big time.

So join in and party with us! :-)

peace, emily who's moving to the Northwoods

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Welcome from "down under" Kay.Am glad that you were finally dx'd ---all to often we here of people with cancer and the tests are just not done.One wonders how many deaths could have been prevented.I was one case here that was lucky to be dx'd--albiet 3 years after suffering the first symptoms whic was attributed originally to another minor ilness.
Yep--the guys n gals here are great and we are truly thankfull to share their experiences and the love they extend to all here.We are all able to comprehend each others feelings--this horrible thing we share cannot be descibed in words to anyone not afflicted--so this forum keeps us together as ONE.
our luv and hugs to you as it goes out to all here!
kanga and Jen
"residing in upside down land--he he"

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Welcome Kay
Glad you are not luking anymore we are glad to have you join us.

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