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swelling in the neck

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I was diagnosed with tonsile cancer in 10/03,since then I have had a total neck dissection on my left side. I finished radiation treatments on 1/26/04. Ever since the operation I have had swelling under my jaw bone which kind of looks like a third chin. The doc.said it is from the lympthcaic fluids are not draining like they did before the operation and will take some time before it finds a new path to take.Did anyone out there have the same thing I do and if so did it ever go away and how long did it take? I would appreicate some feed back from somebody. mnjschedler@grics.net

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I had a swelling under the chin after a neck dissection. After a few weeks, I woke up one day with a huge neck. My MD Anderson doctor

prescribed physical therapy m***age. Usually this is done for people with lymphedema in their legs or arms. I went to a wound and lymphedema center. After about 3 weeks of the m***age, they added in kinesiotaping, which really appears to be doing the trick. They apply a special tape from the point where they want the drainage to go to the top of the swollen area. The tape continues the m***age as you move about normally during the day. This is a relatively new procedure in the U.S.but originated
in Austria. The center brought in a specialist from a hospital to demonstrate (on me) for the local physical therapist.

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Depending on where you are you should be a ssigned a m***age therapist that will show you how to m***age the lypmphatic matter away from that area. I had a great big ball under my chin that went away aftera few sesions. Problem is it left a wrinkly waddle on my neck that is very un attractive. Oh well the price ya pay I guess.

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I experienced the same thing. It went away after a month or so. It freaked me out because I thought it was another tumor. My Dr's did not prescribe m***age though. Be sure and work on your range of motion for your neck and arms. I did not and I have severe neck and shoulder problems becasue I just sat in front of my computer.

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