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Chemo Holiday

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Hi all.

I have been given a chemo holiday for 6 weeks. I have to have a PET scan and they tell me that all of the chemo has to be out of my system, so they have given me the ok to go back to work for 6 weeks. PET scan on 3/26. I would have gone crazy if I had to sit here for 6 weeks and wonder. Wish me luck. It's been 7 months since I have been at work.


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well, that's a contradiction..give the girl a holiday and send her back to work! Gee. ya' mean all I have to do is ask for a PET, and they'll take me off chemo for six weeks? Best wishes, Bud

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Michelle -

You are obviously suffering from chemo-brain! You should go on holiday in Mexico with Bud & me - not go back to work!

So glad that you're going to get a break. Hopefully the folks at work will give you a big welcome back party!

Best regards

- SB

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Glad to hear about your holiday and praying your pet will go smooth with good results.
Hey SB I could use that vacation too how come you only invited Bud. LOL

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Pattie -

Didn't want to seem too forward... you know the warning they put in the newsletter about using the CSN as a dating service! Anyway, grab your towel and swimsuit and let's go!

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Hi Michelle,

So glad you have a break! Congratulations! Enjoy work (I know how important normalcy is) but try to find time to live it up too! Have fun.


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