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Heart Warming Story

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Sometimes everybody needs to hear a heart warming story. Hear's mine.........
I was diagnose in 6/03 with Stage 4. I'm a Teacher Assistant in a public school. The idea of the staff donating their sick time did not pass through the board, although the teachers really wanted to. I basically have been working part time , every other week. My pay has been greatly affected. We have a group called the Sunshine Club. Everybody puts is $20 for the year. You get a gift if you have a baby, get married, are in the hospital, things like that. Since September I have received a gift basket every month filled with "feel good" goodies. Things like cumfy jammies, lounging clothes, bath soaps, hot chocolate, tea, books..... all in beautiful baskets. Normally the basket is left in my classrrom. Not in December. We were having our monthly breakfast, it was a week before Christmas, as I was presented with the gift. The teacher's room was full, I'm talking 40-50 people. I wasn't sure if I should open it then or wait until later. I decided to eat breakfast and chat. It was getting close to the time when school would begin and everybody was still in the room. They were waiting for me to open my gift. I took a beautiful box out of the gift bag. It's cream colord with blue and gold decoration, brass feet, and latch. I loved the box itself, but knew there was something inside. I opened the boxed, looked inside and quickly closed the lid. I did this about three times because I couldn't beleive what I saw inside this treasure box. Through the tears welled up in my eyes I opened the box a final time. It wasn't my imagination. It was full of money! They told me THEY were all my Secret Santa. Instead of exchanging gifts, the teachers, bussiness office, and admistration put all their money towards a gift to me. I couldn't even speak, I was so over whelmed. All I could say was thank you, thank you so much. I safely locked up the box until it was time to go home. I didn't know how much money was in the box until I got home. I had to count it 3 or 4 times before I truly believed it. In my Treasure Box was $1000. Again, the tears. I told the story many, many times over the holidays, each time, the tears. Even writing this story, the tears.
Every time I look at my Treasure Box I think of all the Angels I have been blessed with.
I hope you enjoyed my story and it gave you a little lift to your day.

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Hullo carolyn--could you honestly believe a guy could have tears in his eyes after reading your story?---BELIEVE IT!--I have and I am sure the others here will to as they read it.Isn't it amazing how much luv there can be in this world?--Unfortunately it too often takes a major ilness/accident to bring out the goodness in people.I am sure you deserved it!
Its kinda like the clinic I go to -the nurses, male and female are great--I call them my "angels", 'cos thats exactly how I feel about them!
hang in there-our best, kanga n Jen

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What a wonderfull story. You truely are blessed with many angels. Your story brought tear to my eyes and made my day.
Hugs to your angels

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That is a wonderful story and made me cry too! It is amazing how great people can be in situations like this...it is all such a learning experience. I do hope you are on the road to recovery

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Well you could have least handed out the tissue with the story! :-)

Thank you for sharing.

peace, emily sniff sniff

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Hi Carolyn,
That certainly was a heart warming and eye tearing story. How good for you to have the support of your work place. It is so nice to see that people respond from the goodness of their hearts; you must have touched a lot of people before your illness, so it just comes back around. Thanks for sharing, Judy

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Ahoy, Carolyn -

Well I just want to go on record as saying I DID NOT cry. What a great story. I was truly amazed at how many friends I had when I got sick. It seemed that people came out of the woodwork to be kind. Sometimes it is through adversity we find those who are our best friends and those who aren't. Sometimes with surprising revelations.

Thanks for sharing.

- SB

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Heart warming is not enough to describe your wonderful story. I'm still blowing my nose...I've printed it and intend to share it with many, many people that I know. Thank you for sharing it with us and yes, it made my day and my week.


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It's true...a life's event shows you who is a friend, and who is merely an acquaintance. Sounds like you have a great group of friends, and you are blessed in more ways than you may even realize!

Take Care,


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