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Can anyone help me?

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I am 45 years old and have been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Chemo didn't work and the tumor has grown. I have 6-9 months left. How does a person cope with imminent death? How do you conquer the depression that prevents you from doing your daily routine? I am not doing well at all and need some help. Thank you.

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My husband also has only months to live-his coping has been so awesome. He knows he is going to live with the Lord. Another tho't-everyone dies-you just know how and approximately when. Keep positive-no one can set an exact time-line.

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Hi, I have sclc but in remission, have you sought a second opinion , and have you heard of MIRT, MRIT, i am not sure , but it is a new treatment, a type of radiation. I have a friend who sounds so familiar who has responded to this treatment. Look in , WWW.Cancerpage.com , and look into the old files , probably about 4-6 months ago. I am praying for you and husband and hope this is some help or inspiration to fight to the end. Bless and hugsss Mike

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did u have any laser treatments? I had 3rd stage . in r/lung and 3/limp noids in center of chest was also given 6mo's to live ,but here I am 3 years later.I ate fresh raspberrys 7 days a week for 6 mo's and orange skins along with the barrys fo0r the barrys/orange skins have an eligen in them that kills cancer cells. It worked for me along with herbs. I per/say became they poster child for texas tech but, I am no child. ken.

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I was told about a week ago that I have non small cell lung cancer. I have a mass in my chest with pleural effusion. I will meet with the oncologist wednesday to discuss treatment, if that is an option. The outlook is pretty bleak. This is hard to deal with but I am trying to take life one day at a time and not dwell on the future.

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The stage you are in makes a different but don't be hopeless. My husband was diagnosed a year ago. He has been through an operation and chemotherapy and radiation. As of now he is doing nothing. We just take it a day at a time and try and keep his strength up. We don't plan far ahead but we make plans. Don't give up on your life yet. Get all the facts There are a lot of new treatments out there. Good luck and God bless

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In my case it is my mother who has the same diagnosis as you..
I am amazed daily that strength comes to me in a variety of different ways and from often, unexpected,places.
Stay Positive ..Your good attitude is your best ally..
Search the internet for uplifting stories, abstracts that give you hope and so on..
Arm yourself with information so that you can make decisions regarding your treatment..
If possible, seek treatment at a major cancer center..
Remember none of us is immune from death..Try as much as possible to live one minute at a time, one day at a time, appreciating all the good and beautiful things..
My Mother will begin a 13 week course of combined chemotherapy/radiation at MD Anderson next week..This is after she was told by local doctors that she was TOO OLD for chemotherapy..

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