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I have reading message boards and just thought I would put a short story about myself out there. I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in August of 2002. The first oncologist gave me 6-18 months. It has now been 18 months and am doing well I think. I have not had any surgery just chemo--oxaliplatin & 5FU. Last CT scan in July showed a 90% reduction in my liver mets and August 2003 colonoscopy showed the tumor gone and PET scan showed not live tumors left in liver or lungs. Still doing chemo every 4 weeks. Dr. has not said when this will end. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar situtaion???

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welcome to the semi colons glad to hear you are beating the odds. Keep us updated on your progress.

Anonymous user (not verified)

Welcome to this crazy, mixed-up, yet wonderful group. I am so happy to hear that you are beating the odds. It gives hope to many of us.

Glad that you are here and please keep us posted.


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Hi Jenn...

I was stage 4 as well, with liver mets. However, surgery took care of mine. All clean now... Why didn't they perform any surgery initially? I think it's amazing that chemo took care of everything...GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!

Welcome and understand that most of us stop by at least a few times a week for various reasons!

Best of everything to you!


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Wow, Jen
What great news! Did you seek a second onc after the first's bleak news? It's good to hear about your experience. I bet there are more out there like you; thanks for sharing the good news. Judy

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Congratulations on beating the odds. I also have stage 4 but had surgery. Keep us posted.


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Hi Jenn,

Welcome and good going!

I too am curious why no surgery. How nice for you to not have to go through it plus it lowers your immune system anyway.

peace, emily

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I was glad to see such a great response. I really don't know why surgery was never suggested. I was 28 when I was dx with a new baby so maybe they were going to try to give me quality rather than quantity?? Next time I will ask my Dr. why. I guess I just thought it was the norm to try chemo first. The oncologist I have now is wonderful he and his wife are cancer survivors. They first oncologist I saw was a Mayo you know the best in country which is a 4 hour drive for me so when chemo was suggested without much hope I decided to get care closer to home and now am very happy with my descion. I will be having another colonoscopy in March to see how things are going and to remove any polyps also sould be having another CT scan. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted. Thanks again. I wish I would have done this in beginning.

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You must not be too far from me if you drive to Mayo. I go to Mayo since it is the best closest to home for me. My local hospital has a reputation as ...'it's a wonder youu came out alive' kind of thing.

peace, emily from Minnesota

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Hi Jenn,
My mom was also diagnosed with stage IV, but in July of 2003. The surgeon and onc gave her 8 months to a year. She opted to take only Xeloda in pill form since her odds were so low. We've also talked her onc into Celebrex, thanks to the information obtained from this site. We just got the results of her latest CT scan and it showed an all clear! There's hope and lots of it - just ask the wonderful people you'll meet on this site! Keep in touch. Terri

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Ahoy, jenn -

You ROCK! Congratulations on demonstrating to the experts that odds are to be made in Vegas and not in the doctor's office.

So glad to read you are doing well - keep up the great work! Welcome to the semi-colons;

- SpongeBob

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