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just a few questions

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hi all new here.29 year old male who has almost made it 5 years since treatments end and i have a few questions that i was hoping someone could help with.first off my dr was a jerk and i never was told what stage i was in but had 6 months worth of abvd.does the type of treatment they give help tell the severity and if so what would it be with the treatmen of abvd.also i have found a lump under my arm and one on my shoulder that really has me worried considering my hodgkins was discovered because of lymph node in my neck that were swollen and also a lump under my arm which had been there for years but was something that i guess stupidly i never considered getting checked as i didnt know if it was something that everyone had somewhere or not.i have no medical insurance so its hard in my area to find an oncologist who will look at me without it or the money to pay for it.unfortunately my mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer too so i have to cope with knowing that she has to go through the hell of chemo plus radiation which fortunately i didnt have to endure.her oncologist has said that hed examine me and tomorrow is the day we both go to see him and ill tell you im scared to death that its back.ive also had weight loss recently and thats another thing thats got me worried too.would love to talk to anyone whos been through this so if anyone wants to chat sometime and has msn messenger theyre more than welcome to add me my addy is tom25mi@hotmail.com .

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hi....my DR never told me what stage i was in and he said there really isn't any stages known as 1,2 or 3....but i know i was far along....what they gave me was MOPP....i'm not sure what ABVD is but it's probally the same thing....i had 2 shots and 2 pills...if you can't see a DR go to a hospital. if you have any Questions i'll try to answer them in more detail when i have time

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Hi Tom29mi,

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins last April and went through 6 months of ABVD. My doc was kinda short with me because I didn't have insurance like you but I was able to ask the nurses a lot. They said that at least at their clinic, ABVD is pretty much the standard for all Hogkins disease. I think it's one of the newest and safest drug combo's. As for the stages, I'm no doctor but here is how I understand them. Stage 1 is having cancer in you lymph nodes. Stage 2 is having it in more than one node and maybe an organ in one half of you body. Stage 3 is having it in both halfs of your body. Stage 4 is having it in the lymph nodes, some organs, and also in the bone marrow. I was stage 4 Hodgkins and only needed the 6 month ABVD and no radiation. This is a very treatable cancer! But I am glad you are getting checked out. Swollen lymph nodes are no joke and the tiredness can be a symptom too. I know I get scared to death whenever I feel anything like itching, or swelling that could be my cancer returning. But you gotta take care of yourself. Good luck to you.

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Tom, I too had the abvd (Adriamycin, Bleomycin, Vinblastine and DTIC) DTIC is the nasty one the drip in IV so it doesn't damage your veins. Adriamycin is one chemo that MAY cause heart problems or agrivate prexisting conditions. Adriamycin is the drug that makes you pee orange after chemo. I still can't drink red cool aid... My heart flutters everynow and again and I don't honestly know if its from the chemo or a preexisting condition, never had a MUGA scan (test of the heart prior to chemo or other chemical injections) prior to my chemo.
Good luck on your trip, I've been there it's not fun. MOPP is the alternative to ABVD and is an older regimine. Information is power so read up because it helps you inderstand what's going with your body and how to fight and win.

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Hi Tom..I am also a 28 year old that was dignosed with Hodgkins lymphoma a few months ago. I was told I am in stage 2 and am currently undergoing chemo. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you I know what you must be going through. My mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. Please let me know how your appt. turned out. If you ever want to chat drop me a note @ bekah1975@yahoo.com. Good luck to you, Tom.

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hi bekah :) id enjoy chatting with you sometime if you were interested.as for me going to the dr i talked to my moms nurse and she recommended a residents clinic to go to that i guess will check me without insurance but as of yet i havent made it with being so wrapped up with my mother and trying to ease her fears but ill get there eventually.ive been through what youre going through now and if theres any questions you may have id be more than happy to answer them for you or at least try to

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Tom, I'm sure you've already found out out about the Ann Arbor Staging for Hodgkins. How could you not find out what stage you were in! What matters is your cured. but I would be curious your stage, my dad has IIa nodular sclerosis. How did you feel during the Chemo, easy on the side effects please. If I'm correct, relapse usually occurs within the first 2 years. If you're almost on 5 years, you're pretty much in the clear, they say if you hit the 5 year mark, its very unlikely to return.

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