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Alternative Therapies

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I have been researching potential alternative therapies for metastatic uterine cancer. I came across immunotherapy, but it was only offered at three cancer treatment centers (I could find). I looked into clinical trials, but I didn't find too much for common uterine cancers. I am also trying nutritional therapies like carrot/veggie juice, noni juice, and mushroom supplements. I am curious if anyone has thoughts about it. If anyone has any additional information, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to your replies. Thank you.

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Hi, my husband was diagnosed with Merkel Cell carcinoma (rare). He has started a high alkaline diet. It's suppossed to raise your PH level because when PH is too low, it becomes acidic and greatly increases risks of many diseases. (at least thats what I've read) You can do a google search on high alkaline (ph)diets and also a few sites that are good: iknowthecause.com and www.gardenoflifeusa.com...read Dr Rubins success story. We also had a friend who cut out alot of sugar (cancer feeds on sugar) and did Ozone treatments, he had a brain tumor and Drs said he wouldn't live 6 months, well its been over 2 yrs..Praise God! One last thing, we are going to Cancer Treatment Centers of America (cancercenter.com go online and talk to a specialist) they do a holistic approach to healing, you may want to take a look at their site, they've been very helpful so far and offer great programs to meet (travel program) with Dr's and specialists. If I can offer one thing and the most important is....We have a wonderful God who doesn't want us sick didn't put this on us, his Son died for us so we can go to heaven and he bore our sicknesses so we didn't have to. Isiah 53:4 Hope something here helped. Take Care!

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Hello. My father is considering using alternative therapies to treat his Merkel Cell Carcinoma. Does anyone on here have any advice or success stories regarding a holistic approach?

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This is an update to my last post on 2/09/04 in the cervical cancer section of the discussion groups. When I last posted, I was supposed to go in for the internal radiation. I decided not to do it, because of all the side effects that could possibly follow. I have also refused the extra radiation and chemo that the Drs. wanted me to do because I refused the internal radiations. My Drs. told me that I wouldnt be cured if I didnt do the internal radiation treatments. They also told me that on my last ct scan, they couldnt really tell where the mass was, as I had to much gas in my intestines and bowel. They said that if I burped, moved or even hiccupped that they couldnt be sure that they would be radiating the right area, but were ready to start me on it!! No offense, but that didnt sound like good medical practice to me! They have called me trying to talk me into doing the treatments, but I have still refused.

I had started on a product called CELLFOOD right after my last post on here. I was anemic(couldnt walk 10 ft without being out of breath and having to rest), and dehydrated. After 4 days of being on this product, I was no longer having these problems! I could walk across a parking lot or go to the store without the aid of a wheelchair.

I have also started another product after doing much reading about it on the internet. Its called PROTOCELL. The testimonials from people that have used this product and the history behind it is impressive. I have purchased the Ebook about this product and will send it to anyone that is interested in it-all you have to do is email me and let me know you would like to read it. You have to have Adobe Acrobat to be able to read it. I will not say what this product claims to do, I will let you decide for yourself if it is worth trying. I have put my life into Gods hands with refusing to do my treatments and going solely with this product. I am at peace with myself with my decision and have not looked back one time since.

My email address is kjones3987@aol.com if anyone wants a copy of the Ebook on PROTOCEL. I pray each and everyone of you a speedy recovery from this disease.


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Hi, Jashe, I am curious on where your cancer has metastesid...and is it recurrent....I have a recurrent uterin cancer, originally diognised as stage 4b....i am on taxol chemotherapy for the last 15 months....i am at the same time going for complimentary therapy instead of alternative therapu through a naturopathy doctor....as per the doctors advise i am taking "Reishi Gano" a herbal supplement which is mushroom base for boosting immune system, also am taking himalayan goji juice whic is similar to noni jucie....both of these is helping me out....I am wondering what has led you go for alternative treatment and not the conventional treatment?
Take care and please respond

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