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Hey you all. I do not post here often and it has been quite some while since I have posted. I, myself, do not have colon cancer but my precious mom dies at the age of 46 of it. I am 29. We just realized that a family friend of the age of 47 has been given 2 months to live. SHe also has colon cancer. She went through torture with her chemo. Developed a blood clot and almost dies and then got through that just to realize that she had 2 tumors on her ovaries. They did surgery today to remove those and discovered it was everywhere. Now the poor woman has to deal with the pain of the surgery and the fact that she will die soon. All you ever here about is the advances that they are making in cancer treatment yet all I ever seem to see is death reasulting from either the treatments or the cancer. It makes me so mad. I am going to have my first colonoscopy nest month. I pray that all goes well. Thanks for hearing me vent! I read all of your post everyday and I love the attitude all of you people( especially Spongebob)! You are all special people!


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    Lost my dad at 85 to this disease. I'm sorry for your losses; there are no words beyond that. I wish you all the strength you will need to get through this; it's a lot to deal with at 29. Good luck with your colonoscopy.
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    jsabol said:

    Lost my dad at 85 to this disease. I'm sorry for your losses; there are no words beyond that. I wish you all the strength you will need to get through this; it's a lot to deal with at 29. Good luck with your colonoscopy.

    My son is 19. I hope he won't have to deal with at his age. Though one of my doctors just lost a mom last year, he is in his 50s and he said it's doesn't get easier with age as far as loosing your loved ones goes. The only thing I have say to myself, is that we all have a time assigned to us in this world I guess, but I feel sorry for the young people to go so soon without living a full life and also for parents who have very young children leaving them in this world, that's the worst.
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    I hope everything goes well with your colonoscopy. Early detection of any illness is key to getting through it. I am sorry to hear about your bad health experiences with those around you. I agree, that age doesn't matter...the loss of a loved one is a deep loss regardless. We all need to realize, regardless of health status, that life is precious. It is what we make of it. You could live to be 100 and be a total idiot who didn't experience life to its fullest, or live to be 60 and have had wonderful memories every step of the way.

    Best of luck and good health to you!

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    Hi, Danielle -

    I cant tell you how glad I am to hear you're going to get a scope! You are right on the mark - early detection is the key to beating this disease. How does it get so advanced as it did in your friend? Because it goes undetected.

    You had asked some time ago about financial assistance - I recently heard about the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation that helps people pay for treatment and detection. Look back in the past postings and you will see the link I provided. BTW the "" link ain't it!

    I strongly recommend mixing your prep with ice cold gin or vodka, not ginger ale as they recommend. It won't go down any easier, but you won't really care! Trust me when I say, drinking that nastiness is the WORST part of the whole procedure. If you get past that, you, too, can win on Fear Factor!

    Keep us all posted!

    - Sponge Bob
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    Boy do I ever know how you feel. My mom just died in December from colon cancer. She was only 56. My grandmother (mom's mom) died at the age of 38, when my mother was only 16, also from colon cancer. I am STILL trying to come to terms with everything.... and going to test myself is important yet I can't bring myself to make the appointment yet. I don't know how to grieve properly. To top it off, since my mother died intestate I have to stay in the USA and handle her affairs through probate courts while my husband (military) is in another country until summer of 2005. I have the two youngest kids (ages 3 and 7 months) and he has the two middle kids (ages 14 and 11). Our oldest children are on the other side of the states (ages 23 and 19). I am alone, trying to be a mother, trying to grieve, trying to handle my mother's affairs, trying to find some semblance of sanity. It's no picnic. I feel your pain ::hug::