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Why don't I feel lucky?

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I have had cancer twice, the latest time was a month ago. By freak chance I found that I had a golf ball size mass on my right kidney. The kidney was removed and I found that it had not spread. This is the forth organ I've had removed and the doctors say that I'm cancer free. How can I believe that? And why don't I feel like the luckiest person on Earth?


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Please, FEEL LUCKY! My husband was diagnosed 14 months ago with Stage 4 Renal Cell Cancer with mets to the lung and liver. Just 2 weeks ago it was discovered that he also has a mass on his brain. All of which are inoperable. He has went through 14 months of grueling therapy and now full brain radiation. We still have hope that he will survive this disease. Please be thanking the good Lord above that your cancer was found early. By the time my husband had any symptoms at all he was already stage 4. You are very blessed.

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It's okay not to feel lucky--I don't either. I've read that it's normal to wonder if the cancer is really gone and to have that niggling fear that says, "No, it's not just a cold. You have cancer again." I hate, hate, hate when the doctors find new lumps on me. We're watching 3 now, and I'm so tired of growing foreign objects, I could just scream. So, you're not alone, csicherry, but I wish we could find a different hobby, don't you?

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csi, my sister told me last week when I said the same thing, "Luck is winning the lottery, not dealing with cancer." you are entitled to your feelings and fear. laura

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i might not have had 4 organs removed but i have had 1 and three fourths of my 2 kidneys removed as soon as they were removed the doctors said i would have to have a transplant by the time i turned 10 or 11 now im 13 and playing on my school basketball team,horseback riding, and playing football with my brothers after the cancer the doctors said if i stayed cancer free for five years i would be cancer free for life i feel like the luckiest person on earth to think of other people who have to lie sick on a bed because their cancer came back i feel so fortunate to be alive when oothers have died maybe comparing your situation to a worse situation will help you fortunate

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