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i am an indian and i hasen't good command on english. my father is suffering with this cancer.first he had a surgery and after he taken 35 cycles of radiation along with temodal 100mg capsules. after that he has given 6 cycles of temodal 250mg for 6 months. from diagnosis to now 11 months are passed. he is fit now he is going to his office also from 4 months. so my request to u is is the tumor is completely gone to him. as we are middle class people we can not continue this treatment. currently he is not taking any medecines. so please suggest me is it must to continue temodal. i need this information, becouse this capsules are working so good to my father. so please replay to this message.

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Hi there Esrinu,

It sounds like for the time being that your father is in remission. I dont know the history of his tumor or if he had a crainitomy or such to remove it along with the radiation. It aslo depends on the stage it was when found. but reglardless of whether or not any is left in there if they have stopped treament on him its probably that he is currently in Remmission. But on another note the GBMs have a nasty way of coming back so make sure he has follow up exams with his Doctor.I wish you both wellness. MrsBe

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