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I am 56, menopausal and on arimidex. It has been just over a yr since my BC surgery. No lymph nodes involved and I chose not to have any chemo since the survival rate for my size tumor (a little over 2 cm)was only increased by a couple percentage points if you had it. All good reports since then, but have gotten some bleeding/spotting just recently and when I had an ultrasound they saw that the large fibroid I had was growing which shouldn't be happening. I may need a hysterectomy which doesn't bother me, but I am terrified the cancer may have returned. Anyone have anything like this happen, or have any info to share? Please keep me in all of your prayers. I pray for all of you every day....thanks...Cathy

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I can only tell you that I had a hysterectomy following a mastectomy with lots of lymph node involvement. I had a fibroid in my uterus, too. I also had severe endometriosis, which probably fueled the breast cancer. So I'm glad I had the hysterectomy because it helped reduce the estrogen, progesterone, etc. even though I didn't understand this at the time. I am a five-year survivor still going strong, thanks be to GOD and some smart doctors! I hope this info helps you! Peace!

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It totally stinks that you should have to deal with something new now. However, regardless of what it is or isn't, better to identify it and deal with it now than to have it escalate. Everybody will keep you in their prayers for sure! Each of us dreads having to navigate yet another new thing, and we all know exactly what it is like to get unexpected upsetting news. Hugs, Denise

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