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stomach pain/headaches for 3 days

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Hello everyone, I just have a question for anyone who has experienced this same thing.. I have had severe stomach pain and migraine headaches for 3 days now. I have finished my chemo, rad, bilat mast., and now I am taking tamoxifen. I don't know if this pain is from the medicine or what? Also I've been going to the bathroom like 6 times a day. Very unusual for me!! Did anyone else go through anything like this? Should I call my doctor and ask for some tests? I look forward to any advice. Fawn

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I haven't had anything like this from Tamoxifen but it can have a lot of side effects. I'd call your doc. Even if it is the meds, you don't need to be suffering like that. Take care of yourself!

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You are postmenapausal aren't you? Tomoxifin blocks the estrogen and some migraines are caused by hormone levels. Have you ever had migrains before? I would call my doctor is I were you. Beth

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Hi Fawn...I don't want to downplay your symptoms but maybe you just have a little stomach virus? I know I go looking for the worst case scenario whenever I am sick or have a weird symptom but I think cancer makes us a bit gun-shy, huh? And that's not a bad thing...we need to be aware of our bodies. But in reading your post, I thought to myself, if I had those symptoms and I hadn't just gone through what you went through, I would just assume I had a virus of some sort. SOme viruses can cause killer headaches. Anyway, I would check with your oncologist just to be on the safe side. Here's to fewer bathroom visits!


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Hey Fawn, I would also put a call into the doc. Just to be on the safe side. Like Jam said could just be the flu. Where you from in NJ? I am from Glassboro, anywhere near you. South Jersey about 45 min from Phila. Hope you feel better soon. Sandy

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voorhees, 20 min. south of Philadelphia

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