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Detox after chemo

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Hi, I just finished chemo, my results are good and I am very grateful but now I am interested in removing the chemo remnants from my body. I read that chemo is stored in fat cells, for example, and I am looking for articles/books/whatever on helping my body process this stuff out out out!!! I have also noticed that I still have a chemical odor - does anyone else?

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This stuff poisons our bodies. I have been out of chemo about 4 mos. I no longer have an odor, I assume you mean a very strong urine with a chemical smell. I drink seltzer water like a wild woman. I get thirsty and I want to wash my kidneys etc.. At my 3 mos check up that I just had, the Dr said the steroids and chemo are out of the body but the aftereffects are still there. I am sure there must be a cleansing product other than fizzy seltzer water but I have felt like I didn't want to take anymore chemicals into my body now. I would be hesitant to get guidance from a health food store, perhaps a nutritionist could answer your questions. Be sure to share whatever you find out.

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I have been through with chemo for 3 years and I still believe that the various metals, in my case platinum, are still in my body. I'm not sure if anyone really knows about the long term effects of chemotherapy. I have been told to try chelation to remove the metals that are believed to still be in my body. I am uncertain if this is either useful or appropriate. However, it is something that I am exploring.

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Hi Bluecrab - Yes the chemical odor in my urine and especially bowel movements. I drink lots of regular water, always have because I am large and was told by my naturopath that my body needed extra water to support my weight. I am trying to add more fiber to my diet and fresh veggies to pump up the chemo output (so to speak). My one month follow up is next Monday so I will be asking lots of questions about chemo and steriod half life. I joined weight watchers 2 weeks ago to monitor the quantity of food I am eating - so far I have gained 5 pounds - so much for the half life of steriods! RI is fairly progressive when it comes to cancer treatment (I had reiki, accupuncture and massage during chemotherapy treatments) so I am hoping that the after effect treatment will be as progressive. I am still looking for source materials - books etc
What kind of cancer were you treated for?

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