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desperate for answers

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my mom has NSC carcinoma of the media steinum which started in her lung. We found out today 5/7/03 that she can't have radiation due to the fact that her tumor is behind her heart and to radiate her heart would cause more damage. She also woke up with her left arm from the elbow down numb and she cant move her fingers. she is having another MRI today to rule out that it spread to her brain and then we need to find out if she had a stroke. her oncologist said there is a possibility that the Taxol is causing this but I thought taxol was the best drug to use to kill cancer cells. if she can't use taxol, what other drugs work as well? I am literally sick in my stomach with worry and fear. How can she fight this if its gone to her brain? please if anyone went through something like this please emai me. mdmcnamara@hotmail.com

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we just got the word, they found two small legions on her brain. they are going to start radiation today and try to be aggressive against it. IS there any hope??? i have been praying and praying and apparently is doesn't work. I dont know how to give her hope when I dont feel any. Is there any survivors of lung cancer that has spread to the brain out there???

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I have lung cancer and am undergoing chemo therapy. They tried Taxol on me but I'm allergic to it & they couldn't use it. I understand that the numbness in the arm and hand is listed as a possible side effect of Taxol. My cancer has not metastisized, but I also understand that the brain is a common organ for lung cancers to migrate to. A friend of mine had much the same problem with her lung Ca. going to the brain, and the radiation worked quite well on the tumors. So the best thing I can say is keep praying and try to keep a positive attitude through all the difficulties. Try and not get depressed.
Best of Luck & prayers,

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Hang in there I know it is tough. I highly recommend you get the book "The Power of Crying Out" It has helped me. My husband cancer started in throat got rid of that and less than 6 months spread to his lungs. He has 12 tumors. He is on taxol, cisplatin and 5fu so far one is gone and the others are shrinking. He is really sick. He cannot be cured but we are hoping for more quality of life. If I can help let me know. Candy mktgintl@inlandnet.net

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hi ,I am mike,ihave sclc and am inremission for one year in feb.they used cisplatnum,carboplatnum,vp16 and taxol on me. You can check in to Iressa, naveboline? not sure of spelling,these are also treatment drugs. I am sorry i can't offer much more help. God bless and take care, Mike handle@nauticom.net

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My husband had stereotactic radiosurgery to the tumor in his brain and it successfully reduced it over 50% He also had whole brain radiation to eliminate future mets. Blessings to you, Peg

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