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need info on essiac tea

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Hi to all, has anybody been using assiac tea? Are there any benefits? I'm overwhelmed with all the snake oils and don't want to make my husband sicker. Thanks!

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Ahoy, iloveron

I have mentioned Essiac Tea to a few folks here on the network. I, myself, have never used it, but I have a number of friends who absolutely SWEAR by it. There are a number of sites where you can get information about it. I suggest just running a google search with "essiac". You should get a number of hits for places to buy the tea. As I recall it's about $45.

Some history that I have read: The tea was first brought mainstream by a nurse named Renee Caisse (hence the name "Essiac" - her name backwards) around the turn of the 20th century. Ostensibly the cancer patients she gave the tea to had such remarkable results, she started a tea house where patients came to her for tea treatments. There are a number of testimonials about how the tea caused them to be completely cured. Anyway, it seems the doctors of the day didn't take too kindly to a non-MD "practicing medicine" without a license and had her shut down. When she died she passed aling the recipe to a few trusted souls with the caveat that it wasn't to be used for profit; rather they were to use it to cure the sick.

Don't know how much of that is true and how much makes for good marketing. I do know several peole who drink it daily and swear by it - many of them are stage IV, too.

Do your webwork and see what you think.

Best wishes to you.

- SpongeBob

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Essiac is not snake oil. It is highly regarded in alternative circles. I think it would be wonderful for you to make the tea for your hubby. In fact, join him! :-) Just make sure you don;'t sweeten it.


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