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Soy Protein

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I'm on tamoxifen and have been for 8 months now. I have had a variety of side effects, but am now learning how to deal with them. My question is soy? Has anyone's doctor told them not to eat soy? Soy in some ways mimicks estrogen. I was wondering because I love to eat edamame (soy beans) and haven't had any since I was diagnosed. Being that we are all supposed to be eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day, I'd like to know, since this would be an easy one for me.

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Check with your oncologist since some don't want you taking any soy and others don't care. My oncologist allows me to have it in moderation since it helps with the hot flashes. I was on tamoxifen and now have been switched to Femara. You definitely want to watch your intake since as you say soy acts as a plant estrogen in your body. I would do my research and discuss the results with your doctor. He/she should be your final authority. Good luck and

God Bless,

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Hi Lori,I am on Tamoxifin have been for a little over a year. I was concerned about the soy as well. I gave up about 75% of my dairy and was using soy milk as an alternative. My onco said that one glass a day is ok. But she is pretty soft on the food issue. Hope this helps God Bless Sandy

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Hi Lori,
My doc said about the same as the other replies. You might feel better talking with a nutritionist about it. I like certain soy products and just have them once in awhile. I have been on tamoxifen for about 18 months. Hope all goes well.

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I was diagnosed in Japan in September 2002. We ate tons of soy foods as you can imagine. When I went to MD Anderson for my surgery, I was told to stop eating soy products and I lived on Edamame. Just love them. Apparently the soy feeds the cancer. This is just what my oncologist said to me when I asked that specific question. She said Soy is so good for you but when you have cancer it's not good for you.


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Hi, I don't have an answer but if you look on the front page of the ACS website where the info on new studies is there is an interesting study that was released which questions whether plant estrogen does in fact work the same way as the estrogen produced by the body. In particular they use the example of Japanese women whose soy intake is very high, in their case it seems that plant estrogen actually works as an anti-cancer. To me this is very humorous because I have been trying somewhat unsuccessfully to incoporate more soy into my diet (my husband lives on tofu and I can barely look at it) that is until I was dx with bc a few weeks ago. Now I have an excuse not to. The study is worth looking at. Good luck.

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