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Esophageal Cancer Questions

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I am a 48 yr old male, had surgery for the removal of a tumor that was located in the lower part of the esophagus on 9-29-01. The tumor was approx. 1.7 cm. I was staged at 2A, meaning it had not spread to my lymph nodes, but it had entered the wall of the esophagus. The type of cancer was squamous cell carcinoma. Chemo and radiation were not recommended at this time. My questions are: All that I am having done at this time is a blood test and a cat scan every 6 mos. What kind of follow up treatment is everyone else having? How often? Doing anything special about your diet? (I am able to eat solid foods). Are there any other suggestions about anything else that I need to be doing? My e-mail address is bowman4@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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Hi, I am a 56 year old female. I also have surgery to remove turmer in esophagus but they couldnt remove it it was grown to my spine.they gave me 6 months. I took chemo/rad and am cancer free today thank God. Did they remove your esophagus abd attatch your stomach to throat? I wonder why you didnt have chemo? Did they think they got it all? hope so If you want to talk email me at bullehomes@hotmail .com Good luck Judy

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Hello Rock, Peter here. am 66 years and in may last year had monsterous surgery at sloan kettering in nyc for the cancer. no lymph nodes but cut me like a fish front and back. then a nasty infection in the back wound. spent 8 days in icu and went from 190 to 150 lbs. left the hospital on fathers day walking with a cane and couldn't do stairs to save me live. now, up to 160 and driving tractor trailer 3 days a week cause have to work. retired from the trooper in ny in 93 and drank more coffee than anyone, including me doctor, could believe. no chemo or radiation. cat scan and tube down the throat, can't spell it, next month. eating like a hog with no difficulty swollowing and weight loss. interesting that my oncologyst is the same one that cared for my first wife 22 years ago before she too passed from cancer. don't give up and lets keep trying. not going to preach but after over 40 years am going back to church.

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Hi, my surgery was done in April of 2000. I was having CT scans every 6-8 months up until my last visit. I no longer need the CT scans. Just go in for my visit every 8 months (doctor is gradually increasing time frame). They do a chest xray and that's it. Was in for stretching after last visit and everything looks good! Good luck!!

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