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Alternative Treatments for Lung Cancer

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Hi All,

My mother in law was diagnosed with stage IV small cell lung cancer which has spread to her liver. We are looking for alternative treatments to the chemo she is currently enduring. Her prognosis is 8-11 mos. We have been reading alot about the benefits of juicing, the Gerson diet, etc. Has anyone had any success with these types of alternative therapies or any other???

Desperate in Colorado.

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On my trip-I took notes:

Progen 4050-Resonant Light Tech
Dr Solomon

4875 N Island Hgwy
Courtenay, BC
Canada V9N 5Y9
Phone 250-338-1399
Fax 250-338-1399

Ray has to put kelptic salt on his tongue and once it disolves he drinks lots of water while machine is on.

Suppose to kill the cancer bacteria....we think it is light the lights we have down in wells to sanitize the water.

Does not make noise. Six-eight hours a day.

I hope this helps...about $3000...I have emails and numbers of folks that use it. Email me.

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Hi I'm Betty Jones and I have had Lung cancer 2 times once in each lung, that was in 1987 & 1991, I just had to have surgery, but I have been emailing with a young man whose Mother has cancerr and they are doing alternative treatments and I believe its in Arizona, anyway heres his email address if you want to get in touch with him.
wupengonly@yahoo.com His name is scot. Hope he can help.
God Bless,

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The Einstein Medical Research Center has discovered that cancer cells grown in petri dishes at various PHs multiply most rapidly at a PH of 5.5. At a PH of 7.4 growth is stunted.

Anthropologists identify eating habits of societies by their bones and teeth. 1-2 cavities and dense bones are hunter-gatherers. 7-9 cavities and lighter bone density = agricultural societies.

From the time humans began cultivating food, they over indulged in carbohydrates resulting in an over production of acid waste in the cells of the body.

Since the blood must retain a PH level of 7.4, with a leeway of only a few hundreds of a point causing coma or death, the blood will steal alkalizing minerals from the body

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I've heard of an experimental drug called iressa. May be worth looking on to. God bless and I hope you mother-in-law beats this.

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What about popular alternative treatments circulating on social media??? 

Example: Lemon and Baking Soda

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I have a friend that is diagnosed by lung cancer. He is taking guyabano tablets and tea and he said he is getting healthier.

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Hi everyone.  About three weeks ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Both of my doctors wanted to start chemo right away.  My best friend has been fighting colon cancer for two years.  He's had lots of chemo and some major operations.  Most of the time he is sick in bed with lots of pain.  Maybe one day a month he has a great day.  On these days you can't even tell he has cancer.   He moves well and is in little or no pain.  He is this way only one day a month.  He just found out he has pelvic cancer.  After much soul searching my wife and I decided I would not take chemo.  I would rather have a more active but shorter life than a longer life spent in bed and in much pain.  I will try to prolong my life by eating all natural foods and vegetables.  I am also using a juicer.  No red meat.  The only meat I eat is fish, chicken and turkey; only white meat.  I also take Coriolus PSP pills, three pills twice a day.  I bught this at the health food store.  I eat a little swiss cheese every day which I am not supposed to have.  This is one of my few treats to myself.  I drink lots of water.  I am thinking about taking simpson hemp oil and simpson hemp taste.  Have any of you had eny experience with either of these?  As time passes I'll let you know how I am doing.  Good luck to all of you my friends.

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Please be wary of fads.  there is no conspiracy to not cure cancer, there's no way you could keep a conspiracy like that hidden.  If these fads worked there would be no cancer.   Look at your own life, you ate healthy and excercised, did all the right things and still you got cancer.  We know now that lung cancer is actually hundreds of different lung focused cancers and not cured by destroying bacteria or balancing pH levels.  The body changes the pH levels, takes what it needs to feed itself by converting protein to sugars.  

I wish you well, your decision could not have been an easy one to make.  you are allowed to change your mind at anytime.  If you w find something you think promising you can check it out here:  http://www.quackwatch.com/

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