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I am afraid that my cervical cancer has returned. I am currently experiences some of the same symptoms I had when I found out had cervical cancer (bleeding after intercourse). I had radiation therapy in 1997 the doctor informed me that the bleeding could be coming from scar tissue one of the side effects from radiation therapy (trauma during intercourse) has anyone experience this with radiation therapy and intercouse after treatment I have a doctors appointment on 3/26/03 and as usual I am always afraid of those words "IT'S BACK".

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I wish I had knowledge of your situation but do not. However, I know what you must be feeling. I do know that as hard as it is thinking positive can play an important role. Believe in your heart that your problem is from scar tissue or something else not serious, keep these good thoughts in your head and heart, you will be okay. I'm sending good vibes your way. I wish you the best, people do care, they really do.

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Tracey, I know how you feel. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy a year ago for uterine cancer. then I started spotting, and nearly freaked out. My Dr. cauterized it, thinking it was scar tissue, and it stopped for a while then started again. This time he did a biopsy, and the wait was the longest of my life, but showed NO CANCER! It was just scar tissue, and I have not bled since. I also had radiation therapy, both external and internal. Good luck with your appt. tomorrow, and just keep telling yourself that everything is fine. Chances are that it WILL be fine! Take care

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