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Just a hello

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Hey guys. I was diagnosed back in 1991 at 24 and everything was fine until recently. The story is a long one that left me with some neurological damage. I stay active and live like there's no tomorrow (because we know that could be true anytime when you face death at least once). My AFP count is going up and it looks like a spot in my chest might be the cause. It's a risky operation to remove it. Anyone else out there had anything like this happen?

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Just wondering, did you have chemo and/or RPLND back in 1991?

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I had 5 rounds of chemo and 17 radiation treatments.

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Hello I was diagnosed in Spring of 1995 and was in Stage 4 with less than 20 % sruvival . I had 4 rounds of Chemotherapy and then had surgery. They had to go to lower left lobe of left lung, they did with Laproscopy ( not sure if spelled right). I came thru it fine. Check with your doctor to see if they can do that.
I am now coming up on my 8 yr mark as cancer free. If you want to chat any time feel free to look me up or send email my address is casrvivr1@yahoo.com By the way my name is Peter.

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Sassy sally told me u wanted 2 talk 2 me , now i think i know y,,iam new 2 the Big C n ur an 8yr vet.
I go n 4 my rad consult on tuesday the 14th , lost my right nut n the other 1 i call the last mochean has a nasty infection ,, sad thing is they said that about the right nut n then i got a second opinion n lost it 3 days later, i think alls going 2 b fine , needless 2 say this has changed my life n iam making the best of it ,,learning all i can learn , reading all i can read on the subject n asking question n more questions, started drinking essiac tea last night , wuz told it does great things 4 people with the BIG C , it wuz a pain 2 make , witch doctor instructions 2 make it but n the long run i hope worth it.
Thanks 4 your concern
Prayers ur way
Your friend n T.C
Mark mick@easyriders.com

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I've wondered if I have some damage as well. The retropreneal lymphnode disection combined with that shot they put in your spine before the surgery are the areas that I've thought it could be from. My back is continually sore...I've found that I cannot stand up for an extended amount of time, and my right thumb tip is numb. I've not been to the doctor regarding these...if it doesn't get worse, then I plan on not worrying about it. I don't know if thats a good idea or not, but I'm tired of doctors. It's been 7 years for me.

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