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father with AML (M6)

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My father was diagnosed with AML (M6) at Christmas. He underwent 2 rounds of induction chemo, went into remission, and started consolidation chemo yesterday. Will this make him as sick as the induction chemo did? Also, the doctors claim he is too old (66) for bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. How long does it take to build hemoglobin? His platelets have come back, also his WBC, but his hemoglobin is only at 8.7. Will the consolidation chemo make him neutropenic again?? Anyone else with M6? The doctors did not do the cytogenetics, so we don't have that information...I think they just gave up after they discovered the M6 typing??

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Hi-My name is Caroline. I to have AML, but I have (M3). I have gone through induction chem. and consolidation chem. Yes, he will be neutropenic, at least I was. I takes approx. 3 weeks after your counts go down for them to return to "normal". Good Luck to you and your father. Your welcome to ask me any questions, I hope I can help. Rubiired@aol.com

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Hi, I am wondering how your dad is doing now. I was diagnosed with AML on 5/20/00, had a bone-marrow transplant on 3/06/01, and am doing fine. Please give your dad my best, and god bless him.

Cathy Greene, Newburgh, NY
age 44

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Today is Day 11 after starting the Consolidation Chemo round. We had hoped that he wouldn't get sick with the consolidation chemo, but today it has started...feeling nauseated and food tasting "bad." You must be young enought to have gotten a bone marrow transplant. Do you attribute your treatment success to this transplant? Would the chemo alone have worked?? My e-mail is ritaude@hotmail.com. Thanks for responding...my best to you too!

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Im sorry to hear about your Dad and the diagnosis of AML , my Mother had AML , she passed away at 58 , but they told us that she probley wouldnt live 2 more wks , the day of diagnosis , She went on a university of ky cancer study and lived a very healthy happy 10 1/2 months , they used the new drug at that time donnarubinsin , im sure the spelling of that is terrible but if you sound it out the doctors will certaintly know of it , like your Dad they said Mother at 58 was to old for bone marrow transplant as this is more common in children than adults, Please keep his spirits up and keep differant types of p.j's the chemo makes them chill terribly then hot flashes im told for men as well as women , God Bless you and your Family and my Prayers are for you all but esp. your dad,

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my grandfather is 76 just diagnosed with this several weeks ago he will be going for his 1st shot today (treatments)hope he does well can any one tell me more about this I'm really scared for him

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