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esophageal cancer

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I just found out that I have esophageal cancer. Any one out there willing to talk to me about their experiences? plesase e-mail me at ebjohnson@charter.net. thank you

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HI eb!
My dad was just diagnosed in january and has stage three , just had an esophagectomy on the 21st of feb. and will begin chemo and radation after he heals from surgery. It is a scary diagnoses but there are many people beating this beast. The internet chat group on yahoo has helped me get through this alot as well as caner.gov and this site. I am trying to get my dad on here once he recovers. I ,m here if you want to chat or write . Just remember your not alone and God can get us through this ! jenn_if_er1999@yahoo.com

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I am a 48 yr old male that had surgery on 9-29-01 for squamous cell carcinoma. It had entered the wall but had not spread to the lymph nodes therefore chemo and radiation were not recommended at that time. As of today I am doing well and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. You may e-mail me at bowman4@hotmail.com or through this.

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I am a three-year survivor of stage IV esophageal cancer--an adinocarcenoma, partially differentiated. I had a two-inch tumor in my esophagus and one-inch tumors in each lobe of my liver. I have had an esophagectomy with a gastric pull-up and have had one liver tumor surgically removed and one radio ablated. I underwent four months of chemotherapy and several surgeries to correct problems that occurred as a result of treatment.

On 5 April I was three years from the end of treatment. I am in the 5%.

That's it in a nutshell. If I can be of assistance to you contact me at hicksfw@prodigy.net.

Colonel Frank Hicks, USMC(Ret)

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Hi - I hope things have been going good for you. I was diagnosed in December of 1999 at the age of 30. Have been through chemo, radiation, and surgery. So far, everything has been great. Please feel free to email me at gran5@enter.net

My name is Christine. Good luck!

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