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appendix/colon cancer

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On May 15,2002 I went in for what I thought was an appendix 101 surgery. Diagnosed with appendix/colon cancer, treatment planned with 6 weeks everyday of radiation and continious IV drip of 5FU, after the 6 weeks chemo (5FU) for 18 more weeks. I am at the end of my chemo and doing very well. My concern is I know nothing about apppendix cancer. Very little information is available and what I do find does not sound like what I had. I read about this jelly like matter that is all over in the stomach? And what is debulking? I did find the name of a Dr. Sugarbaker and spoke with his wife but chose to have treatment closer to home. I am at the Ireland Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Any information would be apprediated. I welcome emails: fireyferrari@cs.com
-Peace and Happiness Ginny

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Hi Ginny I am interested in this also. I had my appendix removed the same time I had my Colectomy done when recieved surgery for Colon Cancer but was not told cancer was in my appendix I think it was precautionary. I hope you get some replys. Livin

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Hi Livin I read your post. In May 2010 I had a 1/3 of my colon removed along with the APPENDIX. They thought I had cancer in the colon. It was negative but positive in the appendix. The appendix is attached to the colon and removed along with the colon portion in the area my diagnosis.
Appendix-stage 1-ALL ENCLOSED and ALL Gone...CURED my surgeon. Had not gone to the walls. So NO Chemo and NO radiation needed for this surgery. She said this was a fluke. This had nothing to do with my breast cancer. I did have Breast cancer 8-1-2007, stage 1, ER PR(+) Her2neu(-).
I had prayed the night before surgery asking God that whatever is taken out that it is all gone and NO CHEMO. I dreaded to take chemo again!! Praise God it was just as I had Prayed for. But still took 6 months to heal but NO cancer.

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Hi Ginny,
You do not state what kind of cancer you have. Is it Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma? If so, I have had the same cancer. Please advise the TYPE of cancer you had and what stage you are. May I suggest you attend the Colon Cancer Alliance Conference in Washington D.C. April 4-6. Check it out on the web by using the following URL:

I'm stage IV and terminal but was given 6 mos to live May 21st, 2002. Funny how close our surgery times were! However, mine was the 2nd surgery, the first being in 1999.

Let me know if you want more information.

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The type of cancer is as important as the location.

I had appendiceal cancer in 2007. I was told it was Goblet cell carcinoid cancer. The diagnosis was incorrect and I have Signet Ring Cell. Now after the second surgery I am doing 12 rounds of Folfolx.

If you had a carcinoid or carcinoma cancer, you have little worries. Signet Ring Cell and other cancers are more serious. When you find out the exact type of cancer you will be able to find more information. Do not worry about studies done before 2005. Things have changed that much in the last 5 years.

Best Always! mike

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