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It is Probably Me ..OK?

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While I am still limited to seeing the current posts ... I am not a blind one either.... I see all too well, and I don't like the nonresponsive attitude!!! I hate to come across this way, but where does it end?.. At what point is that when we decide enough is enough...??? I am only asking what I would hope? What would happen if I were a new person on this site? Would I freak out or feel comfertable ? We will see, won't we?? Simply by the response we receive we'll know ..... Zero means nobody cares what anybody thinks at all....period that is the end of it all..... Yet a however means a whole lot of things..... What a lot of things may mean nothing to most of us..... Yet it can speak the world to others............. Peace & Love Cathy

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Hey Cathy, sorry to see you so upset. I still visit here daily and try to respond as much as possible, but to be honest with you the site's just not the same. Just now when I started to reply I got an 'error page is temporarily unexpectantly unavailable'. That, to me is very frustrating...plus I've grown tired of checking the same messages OVER AND OVER again. Used to, when the color of the text changed, you could tell what you had already read, AND you knew if someone had added a new message. I don't know why they re-vamped the board, but I sure wish they'd re-vamp the vamp! Well, I'm sure you've heard enough of my venting, HOWEVER, (LOL) you asked for a response. Lots of luv! hummb
God bless you girl, hope you get settled into new home soon!

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Hi Cathy, don't be upset.Like hummingbyrd, I check in daily in the evenings ( I work all day), sometimes I too get the error message and can't get through. It is not you,OK? I hope you will believe that, we are ALL together and need each other, YOU included.
Take care and god bless you. Hugs Emmi

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You guys are right, and it is this site!!! I can't even respond to emails or get into Humminbyrds chatroom. I receive emails from others on this site and when I try to respond the report I get is there is'nt anyone in the system that goes by that name..... Or we're sorry but no results. I can get a bit fiesty and I do apologise for taking it out on the wrong people... Believe it or not I love you guys and its this new format I hate right now......
All of You Bask in Jesus Light & Love
Love Cathy

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