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if I get re-ocurrence for colon cancer,to think very long & carefully ,before getting more chemo

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One of my siblings-is on his death bed.

a brother ,9 yrs older

he's had a form of leukemia since 97

he had a reoccurence, then 5 days of chemo. it weakened his immunity,he got a lung infection,the antibiotic they used shut down his liver!

The lesson to learn here

if I get re-ocurrence for my colon cancer,to think very long & carefully ,before getting more chemo.

He seemed very quick witted,& happy on the Sunday brunch, a few weeks ago, before his chemo started,now he’s not expected to make it.

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Sure, you need to give careful thought to your ever-changing situation. Cancer is no picnic and the chemo is tough to deal with. It's not clear from your post what the facts are concerning staging. . .but whatever course you choose, you need to feel you're getting competent advice from healthcare people you trust. I'm very sorry to learn of your sibling's situation. Learn what you can about your brother's situation from the doctors. . .it can only help you.

In my experience, you have to have some trust and faith in the process. I am also fearful if I get a recurrence. Let's pray that it doesn't happen.

My heart goes out to you and your brother.

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I'm sorry to learn of your brothers serious situation. A good friend nearly died during chemo about 8 years ago; she developed a viral brain infection, was unconscious for almost 3 weeks and not expected to live. She recovered and is still going strong tho she has had 2 recurrences since than and more chemo. Chemo is strong stuff and of course only used because there is no alternative. It carries risks which have to be accepted. I am presuming that your brother had chemo. previously in 1997.Would he be alive now without it? If it is needed then we have to use it and accept the side-effects and risks. I hope that your brother will recover from what seems a grave situation, like my friend did. I will add him to my prayer list. Blessings, V.C.

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my sister just called,my brother still in intensive care

they all feel helpless, stressed to max, very sad

He has been through very stressful few weeks on the body

all 3 things,infection chest(which they cant grow virus in lab-thus dont know what it is or how to treat it ) effects of chemo & kidney failure,caused by penicillian they gave him!

eventually,you just wish they pass peacefully,and out of pain

scared hell outa me,no way im gonna rush into more treatment if get reocurrence

very very sad

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I am so sorry you and your brother and family are going through this. I understand. My sister died 10 years ago from the same cancer that I was diagnosed with 18 months ago. She took the chemo and radiation and when her condition deteriorated later on she took some more chemo. I firmly believe it speeded up her death. They gave her no hope. And YES!!!! there ARE alternatives. I am using them daily. there has been no sign of recurrence for 18 months. I did not do the chemo. Please please know there is a whole community of survivors out there who are doing as I have done and living too. Chemo is NOT the only way. Visit your local Barnes and Noble and you'll find books about survivors who juiced, ate macrobiotics, took mega supplements, detoxed, changed their lives, and lived. It is difficult to find other alternative users on this web site but we ARE out there!!
So jazzbo, if ,heaven forbid, you experience a recurrence know there are alternatives.
peace, emily

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I am now participating in a research trial since my recurrence this January. I was originally diagnosed with colon cancer, Stage III/IV, in Aug. 2000. I would be interested in hearing about your current progress fighting your cancer while using alternative medicine. Thanks, pricemom

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jazzbo, i have had three reoccurances of metasttic colon cancer, now getting chemo using camptosar, and 5FU AND LUKOVORIN, AND IT IS WORKING, DON't give up with the new generation of drugs anything is possable.., sorry abou your brother,, keep the faith

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