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Colon Cancer Survivor

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Just three short years ago, I heard the words no one wants to hear: "You have cancer." For me, it was colon cancer - the same disease that claimed my mothers's life 30 years earlier. I knew a little about the disese, but science had come a long way since my mother's illness. I underwent surgery, and was preparing for my first chemotherapy treatment when the real fear set in. What was chemotherapy like? How would it me feel? What physical effects would I notice from the treatments? I called the American Cancer Society from my hospital room, and within days, I had more information than I even realized I needed. Having those resources put many of my fears to rest. I knew what to expect, and that made it easier to walk into the infusion room. Cancer is a life changing experience. Patients and their families depend on organizations like the American Cancer Society to provide the information and support they need, so they can concentrate on getting better. My name is Kathy Croswell and I am participating in an event called the Relay For Life. This particular event is being held on June 13 and June 14 at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. There will be an informational Kick-Off Wednesday, Jan 22 beginning at 6:30PM at Marland Place in Andover, MA. Please, get involved in this event. This event applaudes our strength as a survivor and it shows all those who support research and patient care that we can survive this disease. Please email me at cvet86@aol.com so together during the luminary service we can remember those who not only lost the battle but us who daily are surviving by the help of our caregivers, friends and those who just care. And on behalf of all the survivors that all the organizations help, thank you. This support ensures that people like me who hear those dreaded three words won't have to face cancer alone. Thank you. Kathy

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I, too, am a colon cancer survivor. I also participated in Relay For Life last August since a dear friend bought a luminary in my name. I was disappointed though. Yes, it was memorable to walk around th track and read all the names of those who lost their lives and those who are still with us. But the ACS representative was not informative of my area. He was not knowledgeable about support groups in my area--there are none. And I wonder why? Where does all that money go? Who is it supporting? Surely not those with cancer in my town or in the 30 mile radius that has no cancer support group. Then I wonder about all the "research" they support. I chose not to do chemo and am using alternatives. Where is their support and research for those of us who chose to not take highly toxic drugs that take us to the brink of death (and some all the way)? I watched my sister die of this same cancer after being radiated and chemoed. Not one "health" professional spoke about real nutrition or options. No alternatives. No hope.

So there I was at Relay For Life and they were passing out Cokes and donuts. Sugar! It's what feeds cancer. I was so saddened. Why would they pass out nutrionally void food to those of us who are most vulnerable? I cannot give money to organizations who do not seem to really have my best interest at heart. I am sorry but I have to stand up and speak the truth when I see atrocities against those of us who have had cancer.

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I guess I have to agree with 2bhealed on some things. It seems like passing out sugar-laced foods aren't the best thing for people who realize the negative effects it has on a person. And, it would be good for the ACS to have support groups nearly everywhere. It should be reported as to where money goes to. I think you can probably get an annual report from them.

I wish you guys all well as you continue to heal. I am not a cancer survivor, but am a supporter of a close friend. You (cancer survivors) have taught me that you are the ones that are "living" life more than any of us who haven't yet experienced a life threatening illness.

Please keep submitting to the forum, it's a great place for people to refer to when no one else seems to understand.


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