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papillary reoccurrence so fast?

jan Member Posts: 2
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Hi, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer 2/2001, had a totaldectomy, removal of most lymph nodes on my left neck. They missed a lymph tumor so I had 2nd surgery on 11/2001. But they could not find the tumor even though it was proven there through biopsy. After the surgery, I had a radio-iodine treatment on 12/2001 with 100mci. Few month later, I still feel the same lump on my left side of neck. Since I lost confidence on this famous thyroid doctor in San Francisco, I had 3rd surgery done locally in Reno, NV on 4/25/2002. The surgeon successfully remove this grape size big tumor. I thought that should be it, you know, 3 sugeries. At the beginning of 12/2002, I found a lump near the removed tumor area, the MRI report says I had a few slightly enlarged lymph nodes, they appear to be new ones compared to previous MRI films. Both my surgeon and endocrine doctor want me to wait for 2-3 month to have another MRI because they suspect the enlarged lymph nodes are from my cold. My cold has been gone for more than 3 weeks now. I still feel the same lump. The size seems to get bigger. I am worried. If this lump is cancer, I am really shocked at how quick it comes back. The surgeon said if this is cancer reoccurrence, he will do another more aggressive and thorogth left neck dissection to clean up all the lymph nodes on my left neck. I also heard that having cold or flu may cause cancer reoccurrance. If this is true, taking out more lymph nodes just reduce my immune ability more, and I am more likely to have cancer reoccurrence, more sugeries,...a vicious cycle. I am scared, same as my family. Did anybody have papillary thyroid cancer reoccur so fast? Any advice or answers are appreciated. Thank you.



  • gacbacker
    gacbacker Member Posts: 14
    i only have a few minutes because i am actually in berlin on vacation. i wish you the best of luck. if you do need surgery, my surgeon in minneapolis is the best in the state and one of the best in the country-
  • Keira
    Keira Member Posts: 4

    i'm not dealing with recurrance, but i am a thyroid patient in the bay area who was diagnosed in january of 2002. i'm looking to connect with someone locally, because i've felt very alone during this experience. if you are interested, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

    deep breaths!
  • CindyC
    CindyC Member Posts: 27
    Hi Jan, I had surgery to remove Thyroid Nov. 5th 2000. I did not know that I had Cancer until surgery.The nodules were there and I went in knowing that one half of my Thyroid would be removed. I had a wonderful surgeon and he was able to have the Thyroid sent to lab and the Cancer was found so in the same surgery they removed the other lobe. This eliminated a second surgery. I had the Radio Active Iodine treatment and there was always something in his voice that led me to believe something was not right. We would go along and tests were good but he always had that certain something there that would scare me plus I would never get the body scan doubled to two years. Last summer was the answer. There was activity found in my neck once again. Fear all over for me. We did another treatment and I know time is on my side. The six month checkup came back excellent and now I wait for the scan this summer and that will be the true word. They are continuing to work on this cancer as the guidelines changed at both times of treatment and that is great. When I had the first one they had just changed it to where you could go home with a few changes there and now the guidelines changed as I was to have the scan at six months and now they say not for a year. I guess what I am trying to say is that the treatment is so important and if you have reoccurring just do it as time is with you. The response that I got from my oncologist is that if you don't treat and Cancer comes back and it is not caught it may get full blown and then we may not be able to help you. They could not say on me if this was Cancer again as it was all micro scopic but if you need the treatment it is reassurance to me that once again we are fighting the little devils and I am going to win!
  • RMatlock
    RMatlock Member Posts: 4
    Jan: My doctor told me it is not uncommon for lymph nodes to grow back and for additional surgery to have to be performed. I have a very good surgeon (trained at MD Anderson & does about 100 thryroid surgries a year, says it is his favorite). i had a total neck dissection (lots o lymph nodes). He was very confident with RI treatment it wouldtake care of what was remaining. Then he told me to keep a positive attitude and they would take care of the cancer, so far so good. Stay positive.
  • lisa66
    lisa66 Member Posts: 7
    gacbacker said:

    i only have a few minutes because i am actually in berlin on vacation. i wish you the best of luck. if you do need surgery, my surgeon in minneapolis is the best in the state and one of the best in the country-

    gacbacker...can I ask you the name of your surgeon in Minneapolis? I drove 550 miles for an appointment at the Mayo in Rochester. I felt like I got very good care better than anything where I live. I have had 3 surgerys and 3 radiation treatments locally. I know if I need any more I will go back to Mayo's.