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mastectomy any advise

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I am almost done my chemo treatments. Wed. is my last one. Then I have to have the dreaded mastectomy. I am 26 years old and I don't really know what to expect. I am affraid..I could use some of your help ladies.

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I can tell you it takes sometime to get use to but I have learned it is all doable, if you resign yourself to it and work hard at moving forward even if baby steps at a time. It is hard not to get down and depressed since this all is happening to us and it is truly hard to understand. I am so adimant about being good to yourself and trying to do things to help ourselves in the long run. That means moving and getting that arm and chest mobile as soon as you can. Do the exercises they give you and work at it because it can mean the difference between full arm movement and not. Take good care of yourself and don't be hard on yourself because you need to be nurtured by the core of your being. I have to say that I am getting in better shape than I have before even though I have always exercised and been athletic. I find that rather amusing, proving everything I thought to be true about the surgery doesn't have to be. Yes it took work and still does but I do it one day at a time and have you all to give me a kick when I am getting down. I will be thinking of you.

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Hello my name is Cindy.I was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer only a few short weeks ago. I had a double mastectomy on the 10th of December. I also had reconstuction done at the same time as the double mastectomy(tram-flap). So, far very happy with results! My 19 years old has been very supportive and also has a great sence of humor which had carried me through alot of this. She said you have to look at the bright side and think of it as getting a tummy tuck and new perky boobs!! he he he. God bless you many prays be with you!
Ask any questions you would like.

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Hi,although I am much older then you, I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I had a mastectomy in 1998, one year later reconstruction, never regretting any of the surgeries, wish I had done the reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, less time to recuperate. But all went well and I am happy with the results. You must believe in yourself and trust God, he will be with you and help you get through all of this. You are young and strong. Think positive, chemo is worse then the surgery and you already made it this far. I wish you the best, lots of hugs and prayers coming your way. God bless you. If you would like more info or just want to talk you can reach me at charmin@froggernet.com
Love Emmi

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I know it's not easy but if it has to be done just have a positive attitude. You can always have reconstructive surgery. I had a mastectomy done in Feb. 2000 but haven't had the reconstrution yet. I'm from NJ too, Paterson but now live in Italy. I'll be praying for you but you hang in there and you'll be alright. Love and hugs, Marie Need to talk just e-mail me mariateresa.lacava@inwind.it

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Hi, I too am older than you. I did have a mastectomy in June 2001 and everything went very well with the recovery. Listen to your doctors and work at the exercises they give you as soon as they suggest you start. Before my surgery I visited with 2 or 3 women in my area who had been through it, and knowing that they had successful recoveries made facing the surgery much easier, so I hope you find the same comfortable feeling from the ladies here. I elected not to have reconstruction since I'm in my 50's but I'm certain I would have gone that route if I was younger. You're in my thoughts and prayers, take care of yourself.
Love, jbeardslee

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Talk to your doctors and ask them about skin saving mastectomys, also about the choices for reconstruction so you understand upfront. I had double mastectomy and expanders put in right away with the skin saving procedure 8/22/01. On 10/17/02, I opted for saline implants and the "Girls" are looking very natural. I was able to buy a Bali bra and am a full 38 B but bought a 40 B for the comfort. "Girls" are still settling in. In a couple of months, I'll have the nipples done (fat flap with tattooing for the coloring). I have just started to return to work which for me is very physical and am so excited that I can move naturally, do yoga, sculpt slinging 50 lbs of clay...carefully, and did some massage work today on new client. My life is beginning all over and it feels great. (I'm a young 54...to check out my profile click on my name) Fear is the worst because you imagine all the terrors that don't come to pass but live them as if they did. Let go of fear and you will find your strength. Lean on any one of us any time. Sending love, light, laughter, hugs. i

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