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breast cancer

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help i need all the prayers that i could get. i was diagnose in sept of this year and have 3 beautiful daughters. i am soo scared. i had a double masectomy in nov and a tram flap. well my stomach wound opened but it is not infected my md has me on antibiotics. my oncologist can't start chemo untill my wound has healed. i want to start so i can get on with my life. he wants to do stem cels. has any one gone through this? thanks for your help

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Hi vac, sorry I can't help you any regarding stem cells, no experience in that area. What exactly are they recommending? What stage is your diagnosis?
One thing I can help with is prayers, consider yourself already prayed for, and I can guarantee their are plenty of other ladies on this site that will start praying also. There is power in prayer!
Try and not be afraid, ask the Lord to take the fear away from you. Remember, as much as you love your girls He loves them more. Faith in God is so important, or at least it was to me.
I'll email you my email address, that way you can contact me directly if you need to. Go to your CSN Start Page to get to your email.
God bless, hugs and prayers, hummingbyrd.

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Hello, I am sorry to hear of your complication. I will be praying for you. Regarding the stem cell..I have a friend who did have stem cell replacement. She is doing great! I am not sure what kind of information you want, but if you e-mail me with the particulars, I can ask her. She is a nurse and is just doing wonderfully. She had cancer before me...so that means it was at least two years ago. Probably more. Let me know and I'll find out what I can. Lean on the Lord during this very difficult time. He is the One who really does all the healing. You are so important to Him. The Bible tells us that not one sparrow falls from the sky that He doesn't know about...how much more important to Him you are than the sparrow. God controls it all and He loves you sooo much. Hang in there and I hope to hear from you soon.
Love, Jayne

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