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Now on Zeloda

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Hi everyone. They decided last week that the Adriamycin second time around was not working so after 2 doses have abandoned it. MArkers are rising to new highs again so they are trying Zeloda. I am given a 15% chance of it working. Side effects minimal so far (mostly nausea). I am having more radiation in left shoulder as tumour has flared there in shoulder joint. Also tumour in C7 vertebrae growing & causing semi-paralysis in left leg. Hopefully this treatment will knock it back enough to avoid the wheel chair option for a bit longer. This bloody disease is nibbling away at my quality of life but I will not give in. They will have to drag me out kicking & screaming. If I have problems I will get hubby John to post for me. He fell down the stairs last weekend (no not on the bottle) & is walking with a cane like me. We have one good pair of legs between us right now.

Love & hugs to all


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Hi Pam! Thank you so much for keeping us abreast(no pun intended!) about your status! You are just amazing! You are such an inspiration to everybody. You are going thru so much and feeling so bad yet you find the time and energy to keep us informed! I wish there was a way I could help you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Don't give up! Continue to fight like hell!! We all love you! HUGS!! Cathy

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Sorry to hear about the hubby's accident, hang in there Pam we are so glad that you have kept posting. You sound as though you still have those positive feelings cause I still feel them from here. You HAANG in there my friend and know how we are all by your side. You have endured through so much and your battle continues. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and I keep you close at heart. Thanks again for letting us know how you are doing cause so many ask.
Love you,

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Hi Pam,
I haven't been posting much, been in a depressed state latly, and didn't want to depress anyone else, but I had to respond to your post.
You have been thru so much and still keep fighting. I wish you all the best, and my prayers are with you.
I wish I were as strong as you sound.
Hang in there. My sister tells me to tie another knot in the end of my rope and hang on tight, well my rope turned into a string, but I keep tieing knots, and hanging on.

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Dear Pam;
Thanks for keeping us up to date. I have tagged you as one of my "friends" in this discussion group as I am also a survivor of stage IV breast cancer.
You sound strong and hopeful and that is a major part of getting to recovery. I hope you will let me add my prayers for you and your family. My husband had knee surgery one week last January and I had a femur fracture re-set the next week. My 85 year old Dad was helping us both in and out of the car for a couple of weeks! But we made it. I have since had that femur and my hip totally replaced with prosthesis and have shed wheelchair, walker, and almost shed the cane. Last weekend my husband, Marcos and I flew in a hot air balloon at the Alberqueque Balloon Festival.
I have decided to do all those things I put off in my life. I am going to do each of them as I can. No more putting them off.
Wellness and happiness I wish to send you...on the wings of the angels.
Take care,

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Hey Pam you're like me now on Zeloda, at the end of the alphabet, but hey they save the best for last! I took it for 2 cycles but my feet blistered so bad I had to stop, but my markers seemed to have responded to it. They didn't rise as fast anyway. I got off of it and markers jumped so we are trying Faslodex. If that doesn't slow them down I'll go back to a lower dose of Zeloda. What markers are you having done? and if I may ask how high are they? If that's too personal don't worry. I'm still new so I'm not quite sure about some things. I'll be praying for you. You have a great attitude, forget the 15% through God all things are 100% possible! May God surround you with his angels of healing and mercy. Love, Hummingbyrd.

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Back awhile when I was researching xeloda for someone else, I found information on a reliable site that xeloda was just as effective - if it was working - at a lower dose if the side effects got too bad. So apparently better to take less than to stop -you might want to ask your doctor about this.

Hugs to all of you in this thread. Despite the serious subject, you all show a lot of courage and a great sense of humor!


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I am having CA 15 3 markers tracked. Normal is 20. Mine are now 545. Quite high but not fatal yet. My feeling is that I am going to be one of the 15%. Hey someone has to be to get those statistice Right?.

Keep your chin up.
Love & hugs


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Hi Pam
The girls here are right, you have always been a great inspiration to all of us. I'm glad you posted the update, we all have you in our hearts and prayers. Take good care of yourself (and your hubby) and we'll be thinking of you both.
Best Wishes, Judy

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Hi Pam,

So good to hear from you and that your sense of humor is still in tact. Just a word of encouragement. Before I left working at the pharmacy, we had one patient on Xeloda at least for a year. She was still battling when I left. Keep up the fight!! You are a winner. Remember there are prayers going up for you all around the world.

God Bless,

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Hi Pam ----My prayers will be with you daily. We all know that you are a real fighter, and you will NOT let it get you down. Always remember to keep a "positive attitude" and things will work out for you. Give John our best also, and you keep your head up, because you are going to kick this disease. Love, Lucy

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You are my inspiration. I am praying that the Zeloda starts to bring you relief quickly. Did you ever try pamidronate for the bone lesions?

Love, prayers and hugs,


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Yes Kat I have been on Aredia (Pamidronate) for lesions for 18 months now. Doesn't seem to do much good though so we are stopping it as an unessecary invasion of my poor abused veins. Thanks for your support & love.
Love & hugs


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Thanks for updating us Pam. I admire your spirit. You and your hubby take care of each other. We'll keep sending prayers.

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Pam, You keep hanging in there !! You have the right attitude, I admire that !! I will keep you in my prayers that this drug they are using helps kill those darn cancer cells , keep strong and god bless you!!! karin

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I am awed by your attitude, and proud to have the chance to chat here with someone who has such an attitude. You are an amazing woman, Pam, and I have no doubt you are going to beat this!!! You go girl!!! Love, Cyndi

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