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newly diagnosed

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I was diagnosed in May of 02 with a melanoma insitu on my left breast. Thankfully, it was still in the earliest stages and very small. A re-excision of the tissue was performed,and it came back clear as well. What concerns me as I read through these e mails is that no blood tests were done for me, and it sounds like this is common procedure. I am feeling very anxious and suddenly every mole on body has become suspect. I guess I just wanted to hear from some other people who are dealing with this too- I feel guilty if I talk about it too much with my family and friends because I feel like I will just worry them, but I can't seem to let this go, and now I'm wondering if I need a blood test.

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I was initially diagnosed about 4 years ago. From what I understand, the blood tests that are typically performed to screen for cancer are not helpful with melanoma. I asked that question myself. If your melanoma was early and was fully contained, count yourself lucky. I fully understand your fear about your moles. I go through the same thing about every little change I see. Don't feel guilty about talking to your friends and family, though. You are going through some very normal feelings and will probably always feel that way to some extent. Just remember to ask your doctor about anything that worries you. You know your body better than anyone else, and you know when there is a change. Take care of yourself, and good luck to you.

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I don't want to worry you with my story but I feel you should know it.

I was diagnosed with a melanoma 8 years ago at the age of 21. It, too, was in the earliest stages and they only did a further excision to find out that I was clear of melanoma at the moment. Nothing else was done which was protocol at the time.

8 years later, 3 months ago, I was diagnosed with a metatstatic melanoma in my right frontal lobe. If only I had known that it might spread to my brain, I might have suggested and demanded other treatments.

Good luck and write to me if you want,

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