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Ups and Downs

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Hello All,
I thank everyone for all the encouragement over the last couple of years, it sure has made a difference in my Quality of Life. You are part of the support that I have needed for so long and so grateful I found you all.
I just wanted to write and hopefully give others hope for what may lie ahead. It has been 5.5 long years through recovery. I have found myself ill most of those years and struggled the first couple with life and work. Never seemed to be enough energy in me to get through the days and finally something gave and that seemed to be my health. I finally gave my body the priority I needed to instead of the JOB that always wore me down. Now after another long year off work I am finding my way back to a life I once knew. I finally have found medication that seems to be controlling the nausea the few days I have been taking it. In just a few days I have a new found hope that I never thought was going to happen. I am finally eating better than I have in the past few years and working out seems to be paying off. I am now working with trainer to get stability and stamina in my life so that will be able to cope with all fassets of my life. I am grateful for the few days I have had and will build upon them. I finally feel like I am gaining a little control back in my life and it does feel so good. Sometimes it takes along time but I finally feel like my time is coming to and end. I have learned to live in the moment even though others want me to for see the future, I know I cannot do. I am living a simpler life and found it can be stress free.
Thanks again for all of you, for you have helped to make a difference. It is true about what support can do to improve the quality of ones life. Councilling helps so much too. I find talking has been the best medicine.
Love to all,

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Hi Tara:

It's so good to hear that your quality of life is improving! It does take a lot of effort and support to put ourselves back together again...to be patient and accepting of ourselves and others in our approach to daily life. To take the time to do good things for ourselves without feeling selfish and/or neglectful of others.

Learning to live in and appreciate the moment is paramount to enjoying life, I think. Even that takes practice and focus if one is not accustomed to it. However, our plans and dreams for tomorrow are important too. One of the biggest struggles for us is not to allow fear to rob us of our dreams.

Next month will mark one year out of treatment for me. Hard to believe but for all I went through, my life is better now than before bc. I found the depths of my spirit and discovered strengths which surprised me. For all the negatives of bc, the positives were there waiting to be discovered and I'm grateful for all of it. I'm just thankful for life and all it's joys, every day! I haven't learned how to live stress free but I try to manage stress as well as I can, when it comes. And I share your thoughts on simplicity 100%! I don't allow society to dictate what I should or should not be doing, how I should think or order my life. I don't get caught up in what others think. This life is mine and suits me to a "T", thank you very much! Ha.

Let's roll on and continue to fight this beast on our own terms and revel in every small and big progress we make as we support one another and share our ups and downs, on our roads to ever greater fulfillment.

Love, light and laughter,

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I am so glad to hear you're on your way. Taking good care of ourselves is the best that we can do.

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Bravo for you Ink - very well said. I do hope everyone reads yours and Tara's letters,they have made my day. Thank you both for such positive thoughts.
This circle of e-mail friends is such a comfort. My life has greatly improved by sharing and learning from all of you.
God bless you,
Hugs and love, Brenda

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You are so right. I have just started being a part of this group and it is so nice to read all the supportive messages and the shared emotions that we all have about our various situations. Thanks for sharing your faith and love,

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Hi Tara I too have been fighting this battle for 5.5 years and mine is no where near over. I am very glad yours is getting better. I really love to hear storys like that. I live one day at a time and am very thankful for that day.I think you have the right idea. Just slow down a bit and one day at a time. Judy

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Thanks, it has been along road and I too only hope you find some comfort along the way. It is upsetting to be ill and struggling for so long and that bothers me to hear that others must endure. I am trying to live in the moment and truly thinking about all that I am doing. I know there will be struggles along the way and only hope to be able to cope in the good and the bad of my life.
Take care Judy

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Hello Tara,
Sorry we missed each other in chat today. I read your above message and it has touched me. I agree talking with people who have been there and are open have helped to release a lot of pent up emotions that sometimes are bottled down deep inside. It is those kinds of emotions that hold me down and are hard to get rid of. Being around positive people (sometimes hard to find) is also great. Tomorrow I am planning to go my first Yoga class at the wellness center. I have eight weeks before my reconstruction surgery and want to have mind/body connection to be as strong as possible when i finally undertake this. I think laughing helps too but even harder to find stuff I find funny. The American Funniest Pet video show on TV sometimes works. Thanks for listening.

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That is the best that you can do to go and do things to try and help yourself along the way. Doesn't get any better than that have fun at Yoga. One has to feel deeply to find out what it was that brought us to this point the here and now. I only know how to be emotional and I try not to bottle anything up inside and starting to feel the weights once again leave me. I think we are reborn many times in our lives, learning new tricks to get through the days.
Glad to hear your getting to the Wellness Center, Good for you.

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