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Here a Nipple, there a nipple...

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Speaking of Liza's new nipple... *smiles* I am wondering if anybody has had the nipple reconstruction (diamond shaped flap cut and trussed up like a roast) and had it maintain it's shape over time... the women I've spoken with thus far have all had theirs go completely flat!!! Is it the surgeon? The skin qualities? *shrugs* Should I bother?!?
Are there any good nibbles (as my daughter used to call them) out there?!?

Whilst I have your attention, TramLadies.. does anybody have a prob with that muscle flap (doubled back over the sternum) not shrinking down? I still look like I have a bit of a 3rd boob over my sternum.. I know, it's only 5wks but egad.. do I name it and nipple it or will it really go away?!? *grins*

Thanks so much!

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Hello again Marty, must be you are feeling good. I have been flat on my back since Saturday. Boy did I get sick from the chemo, delayed reaction, was fine Thurs.& Fri. Just coming around today and its Monday. Wow. Now to the nipple subject, I had that diamond shaped flap cut little roast, stuck out almost 1 1/2 inches, went down quite a bit but is still a nipple, not completly flat. I also still have that 3rd boob so to speak. Its gotten better and depending how I stand , I know its there, not to noticeable.
Be patient, it will go down.Give it a name...ha ha... I am all smiles... Take care...Love Emmi

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Hi Marty! I just want you to know I think you're great! To keep such a sense of humor thru all you're going thru is amazing. I had a Tram 2 years ago(Sept.11 is my anniv.-great day to remember!) The 3rd boob does go down. Be patient! As far as the nipple, I've had it fixed 4 times. Initially, it was too big and not shrinking. 2nd time still too big! 3rd time flattening out so he tried to make it smaller and more 3 dimential.This past time again tried to bring it out but... Doesn't look as if it is going to match the other. At this point, I'll leave it alone. I wear a padded bra anyway so no one else knows. It's not perfect but I'm very happy with it. Considering what it looked like or looked like without, I'm happy. Would do it again if I had to! HUGS!! Cathy

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My cancer buddy had skin taken from under her armpit and her dr. rolled it and made a nipple from it. I truly cannot tell the difference. Her tattooing came out awesome too. I imagine it depends on the dr.

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Hi Marty I'm not to sure if I'm going to opt for a new nipple. My friends and I have had long discusions about alternatives i.e. a variety of tatoos. As I already have a mouse on my ankle one idea was a cat on my boob.Another was the words 'I love' with a ? to keep my husband guessing. The favourite was the back of a baby's head, very tasteful! Any suggestions ,

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Yes I too have one of those twisted nipples. Had surgery in July and it is beginning to shrink and flatten out. Dr. said it would shrink 30 to 40 % in a year's time. It's done that already. Hope I have something left next year. I'm done..no tattooing for me. This nipple sure doesn't look like any nipple I've ever seen before. Still glad I did it though. But the only time I match is when I'm walking through the frozen food section of the grocery store.

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I had the nipple reconstruction done last March and so far, they are still around. They have shrunk considerably,thank goodness, because they were really huge at first. I have a friend who's new nipples completely disappeared. My ps warned that there is no guarentee they will stay. He said it all depends on skin type. I am happy with the results and hope to find someone to do the tattoo's soon.
Good luck

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